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My Maths

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    The bane of my Maths GCSE...
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    bump need comments
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    Yeah worth going on, beter than one of my maths tutors
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    Well I was just on that and for as level it is good but i think it may miss some points out.
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    Yes but I prefer the MathsWatch CD.
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    It's top!
    anyone willing to share log in details for rep and love?
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    What's my maths?
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    I found it alright for going through things step by step, but I hated doing the exercises on it
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    (Original post by Troubled_Student)
    The bane of my Maths GCSE...
    Exactly my thoughts. My teacher taught every lesson with it...he was bloody awful.
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    live maths is better imo
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    (Original post by EnVogue)
    Exactly my thoughts. My teacher taught every lesson with it...he was bloody awful.
    This is exactly what happened to me. It's supposed to be used as a teaching resource or an extra-supplement to proper teaching. However my teacher used it without fail every lesson and even set us homework for it for three years. :stomp:
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    Myspace for maths teachers :P
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    It's good if you want to get some topics cleared up.
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    It's starting to put up modules for A-levels as well :p:

    I, personally, find the text books more relevant, but the walk-through lessons on there are dead handy to have when you're stuck :yep:
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    Sha-Waddy-Waddy! :lolwut:
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    Never used it very much at GCSE, we used Live maths at A level. livemaths is better imo, but it won't answer your questions. Also, the guy who made it is the dad of one the students in my school :p: we get discounts.


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