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Bristol Medicine Applicants 2012

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    Best of luck ! Make sure you know your personal statement well . Keep your self well informed with current ethical issues, and try and stay as relaxed as possible . When did you find out about the interview ??? Good luck again !
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    Thank you! I most definitely need the luck!

    I was not expecting it at all, I was waiting for a decline!

    Beginning of Feb I heard, I'm trying not to get worked up about it yet!

    Have you heard anything yet?
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    Nothing yet , Fingers crossed I will hear good news soon . Anyways best of luck again to you ! Make sure you smile in the interview , obviously not too much , but yeah smile and try and be charismatic lol
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    I'm sure you will hear something soon!

    Thank you x
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    (Original post by tim3)
    hey!!! the waiting is too long you know!!
    i am international applicant but i havent received any emails yet
    I hope i get an interview and then hopefully an offer from them

    Same boat then!
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    (Original post by Rubixcube)
    Hi everyone

    I have an interview with Bristol soon, and extremely nervous :/

    From those who have an interview....what was it like?

    :'( So much pressure!! :O

    Thank you
    Oh mine's soon too! When is yours?
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    Have internationals had interviews yet at Bristol? They said last interviews are end of March and they give 2 weeks notice.
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    Hey! I'm International and I haven't heard anything from them yet. I hope I have not been rejected, as Bristol is my last hope.
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    What sort of questions do they ask- are they quite science/knowledge based or are they more about you as a person and your hobbies ect?

    Plus is it like a conversation, or do they only ask direct questions and you answer them?

    Thank you!
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    Got an invitation for interview today! Thought I was done for with 3 rejections but Bristol is my saviour!
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    Got a rejection yeserday for the 4 year course. Just waiting on 2 now.
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    (Original post by modini)
    Got a rejection yeserday for the 4 year course. Just waiting on 2 now.
    really sorry about this. Did you get an email or was it track?
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    (Original post by b-beauty)
    really sorry about this. Did you get an email or was it track?
    Got an email from track.
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    (Original post by modini)
    Got an email from track.
    I see. Well im just waiting for mine. How do you request feedback if all you get is an email from UCAS?
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    (Original post by b-beauty)
    I see. Well im just waiting for mine. How do you request feedback if all you get is an email from UCAS?
    I've just emailed the admissions team. Waiting on a reply now. Good luck with your app btw.
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    (Original post by wubzza155)
    Im really sorry to hear that . when did you have your interview?
    I had it on the 27th of Jan. I answered all the questions and was confident throughout. I don't know why they rejected me. I havew asked for feedback but I am sure it will be something very general
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    Hello people just thought i'd say the bristol uni medicine offer holders 2012 facebook group is now made!! Thought it would be a good place for people to chat! Good luck to those still waiting to hear or who have an interview sooon! x
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    ah it wont let me make it, i lied :P add me on fb - becky parsonson if you want to be added to the group and then I can make it
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    Any international student on this thread having heard from bristol yet?
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    no i havent heard anything!!


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