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Last few days revision tips?

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    I've got my Additional Biology exam next Monday. We did a mock on Tuesday and I got an A, which I was happy about, dont get me wrong, but made so many stupid mistakes, which I knew the answer too. I have been revising for about 6 weeks, and know everything on the syllabus, but has anyone got any last minute revision tips? I have made some flashcards with questions on and get a member of my family to test on them, and i also look at them before i go to bed. But is there any other ways that I can spend the last few days revising?

    I would love to get into vet med so really want A/A*

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    Im in exactly the same position! Bio exam on monday and wanting to get an A. I want to do veterinary science as well.

    Revision tips- Everyone revises differently i guess but here are som things i find useful:
    -Reading the books over (most often twice)
    -Looking at past papers so you know what types of question and question styles are likely to come up
    -Revise key words
    -What i call "text revising". Me and my best friend, also wanting to be a vet, text each other questions and the other person replies with their answer. Doesn't have to be done over text but i find revising with others helps. Chances are what one person doesn't know the other does!

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck x
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    mans basically gt a few tricks down mans sleeve.

    pik da book up den read it init.

    Say nizz. man aint lying when man sayz dat so if you want A* den listen to man.
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    I've got this exam on Monday too I'd recommend just do every past paper you can get your hands on and memorise the marks scheme
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    Thanks guys x


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