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Leadership in Practice Panel Discussion at Cass Business School

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    Dear All,

    Cass Management Consultancy Society would like to invite everyone to another event this year - Leadership in Practice!

    Quite often we look only at the hard skills that we all need to have, such as analytical skills, however soft skills are equally important. The topics of the debate will cover areas of:
    - Leadership
    - Culture within organizations
    - Talent Management.

    It will be a great opportunity to get a practical knowledge from the senior people with the experience in various companies and industries. Following the event there will be networking event with drinks provided!

    We will host fantastic speakers including:
    Cliff Oswick - Cass Business School, Head of the Faculty of Management (Moderator)
    Dan Draper - Credit Suisse, Managing Director and Global Head of Exchange Traded Funds
    Anita Balchandani - OC&C Strategy Consultants, Partner
    Ashley Harshak - Booz & Company, Partner


    30th of May, Cass Business School, Room LG001 (note that at the registration it says 2003, but it is incorrect):

    6.30-6.45pm – Introduction to the panel and speakers
    6.45-7-10pm – Discussion on the Leadership
    7.10-7.35pm – Discussion on the Culture within organizations
    7.35-8.00pm – Discussion on the Talent Management
    8.00-8.20pm – Q&A Session
    8.30-9.30pm – Networking Event

    Registration link:

    Dress code: Business casual

    Feel free to bring friends and ask any questions you may have

    We look forward to seeing you all!

    Dominik Kasztelaniec
    Co-President of Cass Managemet Consultancy Society


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Updated: May 29, 2012
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