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Things you wish you knew before A-Level.

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    (Original post by YB101)
    what changes ?


    But seriously, the work load is ridiculous. The amount of work I had spilt my folder in half 3 times. better work on your organisation and time management skills.

    AS is alright, A2 will make you regret taking the subject. The questions get weird and so "guessy" and synoptic I've never know for there to be a year were there hasn't been a massive uproar about some stupid question they OCR have thrown in. this year they repeated a question from a another paper and s**t went down.

    You have no room for forgetting, because everything you learn from the start of AS WILL appear in your last exam

    I wish you all the best on your journey. PM me for further information. I am an OCR Biology Survivor

    hahha. Thank you for the information and advice.
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    Extra-curricular activities are pointless. On your personal statement you mainly write about the subject you want to do and have a short paragraph on yourself. Make sure you have at least something to say but it should seem genuine. All they want to know is that you're a somewhat interesting person and have more to your life than just studying. Also, don't be afraid to bull**** on your PS if you don't have to have an interview. As long as it's factual you can basically make up things about yourself... just make sure you do it properly.
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    (Original post by Zu!)
    2) A-level Geography (especially Edexcel) is not just 'colouring in maps', it's actually a pretty tough subject as there is a lot to learn!

    So true.
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    That AQA Biol4 is the biggest load of crap anyone could study in their lives. How dare it be called science!!
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    That one piece of advice you read practically everywhere that says "start revision six weeks before the exam" actually means REVISE SIX WEEKS BEFOREHAND. :emo:
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    (Original post by YB101)
    If you are doing biology, every animal or species that appears in your exam, you will develop an increased hatred for. I can never look at cats and pandas in the same way.
    Panda's are a bunch of c****.
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    (Original post by NaaderBajwa)
    That OCR and Biology do not mix.
    (Original post by YB101)
    If you are doing biology, every animal or species that appears in your exam, you will develop an increased hatred for. I can never look at cats and pandas in the same way.

    You will never hear truer words than these.
    Also : Do NOT trust the teachers to do a good job of teaching you everything. And please take first year modules seriously. You can see a huge contrast between people who have a good bank of UMS to get them into uni by doing very average in their summer exams and those who now are stressing because they need 85% or so to get into their top Uni choice.
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    (Original post by Procrastination)
    I had OCR 21st century science for GCSE and thought they were great, what changes?:confused:
    The transition from GCSE to A Level.
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    Do them all, then do them again and again. Don't stop until you can get As in every paper.
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    (Original post by Procrastination)
    I had OCR 21st century science for GCSE and thought they were great, what changes?:confused:
    They treat you well at GCSE to suck you in, then they treat you like their bitch at A-level.

    I got ****ed over. :mad:
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    Do really well in your AS Levels, youll be less stressed in y13
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    don't be stupid like me and leave revision to last minute, do this at gcse and get all your As and A*s, try it at A level and leave the exam room crying! one thing i think is important is making sure you actually understand what you're learning, no point trying to remember things word for word (except definitions), if you listen to teachers in class and understand the work then you should do fine, defo revise early or you'll end up like me with sleepless nights drinking black coffee while speeding through pages of boring information the night before the exam. *sigh*

    AND OMG DO PAST PAPERS ALWAYS! AS MANY AS YOU CAN!! THEY REPEAT SO MUCH (well i can only speak for ocr chem, bio and mei maths but i'm sure it's the same with most exams)
    also being an organised person is helpful. i'm not, so it's a good thing i don't rely on my class notes, if i did half will be missing and i will be dead.
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    Don't do computing as it's just memorization.
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    (Original post by dmccririck)
    Panda's are a bunch of c****.

    So true, Colourpoint cats also!
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    - Actually bothering at AS pays off
    - All exam boards hate you (especially OCR)
    - To not think that because you were good at a subject at GCSE you will be any good at A level (particularly relevant to English Lit students!!)
    - Make some damn notes!!
    - You will hate all your subjects at the end of A levels.
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    I wish I knew how important AS would be. Work hard and really push for the top grades in AS, and you will get the offers you want from the universities you want in year 13. Then, due to having the good grades the year before, the pressure is relieved slightly when it comes to the end of year 13 exams, as you won't have to do as well in the harder exams.
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    Try to be abstract in your OCR Biology revision; they like to ask questions that seem completely irrelevant to the course.
    I pretty much memorised the entire course and did loads of extra reading.. but the exam still had me going "WTF?"

    I also had to pretty much self-teach the Biology course. My teachers were useless and I even had to teach the class once because she didn't understand photosynthesis..
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    1) DO SO MANY PAST PAPERS. And then do more. And then some more.

    2) Don't mess about in your AS year. I got D's and my teachers said it was fine, I could just bring the grades up next year, but now I'm working my butt off to try and get good grades.

    3) Don't take Chemistry, unless you know the teacher is the best teacher ever. That goes for Maths and Physics too.
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    I wish I knew different revision techniques before I started A levels, now I'm doomed
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    (Original post by britchick)
    I wish I knew how maths-y Physics is. Might sound silly but nobody told me just how maths-orientated it is, so I took it without taking A-level Maths. Worst mistake of my life!
    Edexcel physics has nowhere near enough maths in it for my liking.


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Updated: December 3, 2014
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