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I want to stay in private halls, in a city I'm not studying in.. (Sunderland!)

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    I am currently studying in Hartlepool (part of Teeside University there is nooooothing there and no halls or accommodation), I want to stay living in Sunderland, but I'm leaving home, I was going to try and get a flat share or my own place but would really like to stay in private halls. Sunderland is a twenty minute train journey to Hartlepool.

    Could I do this? I've been to view halls that I like, but was shown around by the care taker who didn't know about this side of things, so I don't even know if I am aloud to stay in these halls. I'm ready to put a deposit down but I'm worried I'm going to feel isolated or left out when every one is doing, erm, Sunderland uni stuff and I won't be?

    Also has anyone here lived or planning to move in The West Lodge / Refectory Lodge, Tunstall Road, Sunderland?

    Thank you for any help!
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    Did you find a flat in the end? I've got a flat with one bedroom left if your're still interested.. message me if you are


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Updated: July 29, 2012
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