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Increasing hotness of BBC Newsreaders/weather girls

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    I used to really like Mary Nightingale, but she's aged about 10 years in the last 5.
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    (Original post by Stiffmeister)
    pics please or is no one thinking of the poor fappers?
    dude, nice name.
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    This thread is pointless without pics..
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    Probably the **** the OP is talking about...

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    thanks for the pictures OP
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    (Original post by Clip)
    I used to really like Mary Nightingale, but she's aged about 10 years in the last 5.
    hahahahahaha thats a subtle way of putting it :rofl:
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    The demand for pictures is epic, don't know the BBC reporter names but enjoy these:rock:

    PS- Mods I am not spamming, these have been requested by many on this thread!!

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    Recently? Susanna Reid has been brightening many a man's morning viewing for a while now.
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    she's left itv now but Tasmin Lucia Khan...GIRL CRUSH!
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    (Original post by + polarity -)
    Apparently his character was Lenny Wallace, never heard of him but it's ****ing cool
    Lenny was best mates with a Welsh guy called Huw, and the EE special spinoff in 1998 saw Lenny and co head to France for the world cup.
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    (Original post by ForensicShoe)
    We had a pretty cool weatherman on my regional news channel.

    Des Coleman was his name :sexface:

    I use "had" because unfortunately; "the BBC terminated his contract in 2011 after Coleman used a live weather report to protest his innocence over firearm charges; he deliberately put the wrong temperature on the weather map and told viewers they should not believe everything said by the media."
    I have never seen a more confused weather man in my life?
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    Oh hey, I see that they moved 4chan over here.
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    (Original post by momomo123)
    I have never seen a more confused weather man in my life?
    It's his style
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    Didn't America used to have that sleazy news show where the women would strip or something? I think they had to pull it off the air. Never seen it, never really cared.

    Well, I can't imagine a woman saying "3 men died in a tragic accident involving firearms at Manchester Picadilly Station last night-" whilst ripping her top off and kicking off her skirt.
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    Here we go boys. THE 10 O'CLOCK NEWS!
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    We have Derek
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    (Original post by FXX)
    I've yet to see an outfit that Laura Tobin can't pull off.

    Maybe she needs a hand? :sexface:
    Laura Tobin :dice:
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    (Original post by zz_)
    Not even disappointed atm. Huw Edwards is a boss.
    Even bossed it through all the microphone problems.

    What a guy :moon:
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    I've always had a thing for Martine Croxall.

    Now there's a **** if ever I saw one.

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    (Original post by zz_)
    Anyone else noticing this?

    The main reader for the national news is kinda ****y, the co-newsperson (what are they even called?) on my regional news is better, and the weather girl is outstanding.
    Global warming apparently...


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