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TSR Chemistry Society

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    The TSR Chemistry Society

    Welcome to The TSR Chemistry Society! Come here to discuss chemistry from any level. Ask questions, talk about your course, whatever. Don't be shy, and lets show and shout our love for chemistry!

    Click HERE to join!

    If you're a member of our society, let it be known and put Member Of The TSR Chemistry Society and our thread's link in your sig!

    If you like, introduce yourself by telling us who you are, what your studying, your age and your hobbies.

    And thats all, enjoy!
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    not that i'm a geek or anything :rolleyes:
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    gdgd lets wait for more
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    ooh a chemistry society
    yes pleas e
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    Yeah sounds good
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    I would say that 5's enough to get a soc added to the socs list
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    (Original post by NathanM)
    I would say that 5's enough to get a soc added to the socs list
    Yeah you will find that once its in the 'socs' section a lot of people will join that way .
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    ok guys i will apply for the soc today. nice to see enthusiasm for this soc.
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    (Original post by Mr power)
    ok guys i will apply for the soc today. nice to see enthusiasm for this soc.
    :blow: ok
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    YAAAAAAY.... a chem soc!!!!!!
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    introduce all yourselves to other members using the template in my first post
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    (Original post by Mr power)
    introduce all yourselves to other members using the template in my first post
    don´t really like the template.
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    how come???
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    Name: Michael Dhesi.
    Hobbies: Sports, guitar, music etc.
    Where you live: Glasgow.
    Current Studying level: Advanced Higher.
    What you are studying:Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Physics and Higher Human Biology(previously english, maths, physics, chemistry and computing studies).
    Why you like chem: Its incredibly interesting looking at things on an atomic scale and I like the hands on aspect to the subject.
    Favourite subject:Physics and Chemistry.
    Hero(s): Im going to assume this bit was meant for scientists and in that case I'll have to put Albert Einstein.
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    ame: Katie
    Hobbies: Reading, guiding
    Where you live: Glasgow.
    Current Studying level: Just finished a levels
    What you are studying: About to start MChem chemistry
    Why you like chem: Not sure
    Favourite subject: Chemistry.
    Hero(s): Marie Curie, Niehls Bohr
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    Name: Nathan
    Hobbies:cycling, reading, going out with friends, working int tesco :p:
    Where you live: West coast of Scotland
    Current Studying level: Advanced Higher (just starting)
    What you are studying:AH Chem, Maths and Gaelic and also H Geography
    Why you like chem: Its interesting
    Favourite subject:chem (obviously)
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    Name: Thomas Bird
    Hobbies:Video games socialising reading etc
    Where you live: Derbyshire
    Current Studying level: A2 going to uni to do it (chemistry lol)
    What you are studying:Chem Geog Maths at A2
    Why you like chem: Its logical most of the time and something even i can do
    Favourite subject:chem
    Hero(s): Wolverine an actual superhero lol
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    guys go and write me join requests and i will accept you.


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Updated: June 1, 2016
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