Who are the Specialist Teams and roles on TSR?

About The Student Room's specialist teams

On TSR there are a number of specialist teams, who work together to support the community and give them the best advice possible. 

TSR Volunteers

Volunteer Team

The TSR Volunteer Team are based all over the country (and sometimes, the world!), and they work to ensure the community is getting the best support possible. They volunteer their time around studying, lectures, work and life; to share their expertise, give peer-to-peer support, make sure everyone gets an answer to their questions and keep the forums tidy and safe.

TSR volunteers must be at least 16 years of age, and prior to joining the team (and every three years), they must undergo an Enhanced DBS check, and safeguarding training. You can find out more about our volunteer program here

Volunteer Section Leaders

Every main section of forums on TSR (eg. Universities, Study Help, Entertainment, Chat, etc) has at least one Volunteer Section Leader. These are members of the Volunteer Team who've got a lot of experience giving their time to support the TSR community, and become leaders for the volunteers who look after those forums. They work alongside TSR Community Staff to make plans for activities in the forum, look after the volunteer teams, and welcome new volunteer recruits to the team. They also support Forum Helpers in their community-based roles. 

Expert Community Advice

Clearing and Applications Advisors

This groups is comprised of TSR community members which include forum helpers and TSR Volunteers, who are specifically trained by UCAS each year. They find out the most current information so that, come Results Day, they can provide outstanding one-to-one advice to community members, which is tailored to that individual's own situation. This team make sure that everyone who comes to TSR with a question on Results Day, gets the help they need.

Personal Statement Helpers

When applying to uni, many students come to TSR for help with their personal statement. This team is made up of community members and TSR Volunteers, who use their expertise in their subject areas to review personal statements, and give applicants helpful advice to support their personal statement. This team will also review final drafts of personal statements. Find out more about personal statement help here

Forum Helpers

Forum helpers are members of the TSR community, who provide great help and support in their favourite forums. They also help to keep those forums tidy and easy to use, and help make sure newbies get answers to their questions. These helpers are often young people themselves, or have particular experience in that area, so can provide some great peer-to-peer advice based on their own knowledge.

Official Representatives

Official Representatives (or 'Official Reps' as they're known) are experts from outside the TSR community, who come online to share their official advice and provide expert support. Sometimes this might be a university, charities, exam boards or support organisations. Usually, but not always, an organisation pays to use this service. The people who run these accounts work for those organisations, and can give authoritative answers to the TSR community. 

TSR Community Staff

These are specific members of official staff, who work out of the office at TSR HQ in Brighton. This team work specifically within the community to make sure they are getting the very best out of TSR, with great advice and a friendly, safe atmosphere. They look after things like moderation, safeguarding, forum-specific projects and the volunteer teams. If you have a question for the Community Staff, you can start a private conversation with them here

TSR Group Staff

These are all the staff who work for The Student Room Group, within any of our companies (ie. The Student Room, Marked by Teachers, Get Revising, TSR Insight or Enlitened). They might do all sorts of different job roles in different teams, and you might see them getting involved in discussions on TSR for a good old chat, or to support the community (eg. the development team helping solve problems, or the design team asking for feedback on some new ideas). 


Please note: all specialist teams on The Student Room are subject to website terms and conditions, and community guidelines. If you see any posts, threads or PMs from any member of these groups which you believe to be against the community guidelines, please use the report button as normal.