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AQA GCSE Religious Studies Unit 2 Exam Worry

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    Yesterday I did the Unit 2 of the AQA Religious Studies GCSE and I am worried about a question for it.

    For anyone who did the Prejudice section in the exam, how did you answer the question with the statement, "Not all forms of discrimination are wrong"? I answered saying all Christians and Buddhists disagree with the suitable teachings to back them up, and also said I disagree and why might someone agree. However, I am worried about the religious believers - should I have said that all disagree or will I lose marks?

    i did this paper too but it was a couple of days ago so it's quite vague now. i don't think you will lose a mark for collectively stating that - you could bullsh*t your way through an RS exam and it will be fine as long as you have evidence to back up your points so the fact you added teachings to support is good. personally, i don't think all religions do disagree, and i stated that in the exam. people are fans of positive prejudice - treating someone in favour of their differences ie giving up your bus seat for an elderly person. i also said that there are divides between different religions, especially the Abrahamic ones (Christianity, Islam and Judaism). for example, Catholicism states that females cannot be leaders (which is obviously sexism but they don't deem it wrong) whereas Protestants allowed female priests in 1992. similarly, in Judaism, Orthodox Jews don't allow females to read from the Torah or wear the tallit and men and women must be separated in the synagogue (again, sexism) whereas Reform Judaism allowed the first female rabbi in 1972. finally, in Islam, men can have up to 4 wives (in countries that allow polygamy) whereas women can only have one husband. i included these all as examples that i myself consider sexist and sexism is a form of discrimination, which these religions then allow (Jesus also only had male disciples). however, they don't find it sexist as it is what is taught in their religion.
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    I see your points. Thank you so much for the help! It has comforted me
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Updated: May 23, 2016
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