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AS biology aqa resit

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    (Original post by optic123)
    Please I beg someone remind me what Q4 and Q6 were ???? My mind is going absolutely crazy over it. I think I missed those 2 questions ???
    I think it was the protease question and milk question, not sure tho

    It is definitely RER, on past papers I have seen it that ribosomes is marked wrong because they are involved in protein synthesis but they proteins are actually synthesised by the RER

    (Original post by Pommo1996)
    Oxygenated blood leaks into the right ventricle, reducing the amount of oxygenated blood transported round the body, lowers stroke volume??
    That sounds right! not what I put haha but thank you

    i had a complete mind blank for that indicator one and put the colour of the milk would affect the ph paper, imagine 😂😂

    Also for the very last question I talked about how chloride ions had a charge and oxygen doesnt

    I thought it was that the small hole between the ventricles prevents the wave of electrical activity from reaching the ventricles and so,ventricular contraction becomes less frequent-less oxygenated blood enters body
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Updated: May 29, 2016
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