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Need advice on coping with exam stress?

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    You're studying hard and doing your best to nail those exams but that doesn't mean the nerves go away, right?!

    So we've roped in some expert advice from Dr Elle Boag, a senior lecturer in Social Psychology. Read on for REAL expert advice on how to tackle pre-exam anxiety.

    Breathe :tea:
    Feeling anxious ahead of your exams? This is totally normal. Elle suggests trying a few relaxation techniques to help keep calm. Practise deep and slow breathing while imaging yourself on a warm beach watching the waves. Breathe in as the waves come in and breathe out as the waves recede.

    Some people find that their anxiety levels are going round and round in circles. Taking a complete break from revising for a few days can often help here. (We like the sound of that! )

    Relax your muscles :bath:
    Working out whether you’re a verbal or visual learner can also help to identify relaxation techniques which may be useful for you. Verbal learners tend to move their tongue and throat muscles when thinking. If this sounds like you, concentrate on relaxing those muscles.

    Visual learners often find their eyes move more frequently when they’re closed. Sound like you? Try concentrating on a spot in front of you, just below eye level. After a while, close your eyes completely while still visualising that spot. This should help you to feel more relaxed. Activities like yoga and tai chi can also help to reduce stress.

    Eat right :banana2:
    What you eat and drink around exam time can also play a huge part in gearing you up for exam day. Avoid drinking too much coffee, tea, alcohol or fizzy drinks as all of these contain caffeine which can reduce your clear thinking. :coffee: Too much sugar, carbohydrates or protein can also do the same, so try to eat regularly and healthily.

    Enjoyed these tips? Get more advice here: www.bcu.ac.uk/expert-exam-tips

    Have you tried any of these ideas? Let us know how you get on and good luck - you can do this! :five:

    (Original post by Birmingham City University)
    Great advice! The muscle relaxation technique is certainly interesting and the eating/drinking healthily bit is definitely something I try to do, by drinking enough water and drinking it in exams too, as well as going jogging regularly (not just around exam time, mind!)
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Updated: June 17, 2016
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