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Any good books for criminal law?

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    Hi, I'm in Y12 but I'm super interested in criminal law and I like watching lectures on youtube where they teach things about criminal law, e.g. yesterday i learnt about actus reus and mens rea. Criminal law is the career path I want to pursue & I was wondering if anyone knew any good books which teach some of the basics and other things about criminal law.

    I wouldn't go in blinkered right now, it's not a very profitable area of law. Plus you might find you like commercial law as well/instead if you study it at Uni.

    You could just look at revision aids for A Level Crime Special Study in the Law syllabus? No point in looking at a textbook for Undergraduate level, they're tricky and it gets quite dry and dull.

    The one you'll most likely use at Uni is Smith & Hogan Criminal Law. It's the size of a dictionary and 90% of it isn't relevant.

    Watch 24 Hours in Police Custody, especially episode one which you can find by stealth and subterfuge on the illegal internetz.

    If you want some drama and irritatingly inaccurate court etiquette but a little bit of Law, watch "Silk". It's about the Criminal Bar, but still a good watch.

    For what it's worth, I think that anyone who is interested in studying law could do a lot worse than read a textbook (and I would have recommended Smith & Hogan as well). Bear in mind, though, that I seem to be the only person who thinks that way.

    I echo what Mimir said about the lack of profitability in Criminal Law.
    If you're interested in criminal law, the best thing to do would to go view cases in your local Magistrates' or Crown Court.
    For your current stage of study I'd recommend using Law Express as it gives you a overview of cases and their decisions. There's a constant argument about which is better, Law Express or Concentrate , it's personal preference.
    The problem with online lectures like the law bank on youtube for example is that they may no be up to date so beware.
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