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How difficult is it to get a C in Art at GCSE?

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    I don't really have any natural artistic ability, and I'm a bit worried about my GCSE Art. I haven't been given any predicted grade yet, but I'm told my a few people that simply completing all the course work and exam gaurentees you a minimum of a C, regardless of the actual quality, providing that it's clear a certain amount of effort as gone into it?

    Any truth in this?
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    What exam board are you on?

    I think with GCSE, and to an extent A-level, the quantity of work helps more than quality. My final pieces at GCSE were shocking looking back at them, but I got an A because of all the preparation work I'd done.

    Just work really hard on sketch books to fill them out with ideas: do some observational sketches and photos of anything you see that could be related to your project, also make sure you look at other artists, make studies of their work and evaluate them. I did AQA and 3/4 of the marks are for the work leading up to a final piece, so if you aren't that skilled, that's definitely where to focus.
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    i hardly was in school and every art lesson i did hardlyt anything. i was with AQA and the prep before hand was hard for me because i cant draw lol but i got a C.

    just make sure you make alot of prep before hand
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    it really is more quantity than quality, as long as you do lots of work and can show a clear line of development in your work i.e influence of relevant artists then you should be fine
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    You'd have to actually be TRYING to get anything lower than a c in art.....it's pretty impossible to fail art :|
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    Depends on your capabilities - but I can't imagine for an average student it would be that difficult.
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    With Art, as long as you can write about your work and your work is constantly at the same level, you should be okay.

    Constantly at the same level meaning that, every piece of work in the book is good quality or bad quality, you cant have a mixture- according to my teacher.

    I know people who cannot draw, but just write loads about the artists, how they feel towards the artwork and timeline background and get As.

    Another thing, they like colour, and using various medias- pencil, crayons, paper, paint etc. Anything, could include pasta.

    Completion, is another thing. Try to complete units fully.
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    (Original post by Joe555)
    You'd have to actually be TRYING to get anything lower than a c in art.....it's pretty impossible to fail art :|
    Please don't pass art off as a sit off lesson, it isn't. It is extremely taxing and hard. Your drawings have to be absolutely fantastic to get even a B, and you need to have original ideas and write next to the drawing your ideas, which can't just be any old crap you made up.

    I was up for hours at my desk for weeks on end working on the sheer workload set throughout the 2 years.
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    I agree. You can call Art a 'pansy' subject because it isn't - it involves a lot of work, and it's time limits are always unknown, it's not like trying to find a solution to a mathematical problem.

    I reckon at GCSE it's more about quantity right now, but the quality still needs to be there. You need to have development work in your sketchbook - and this development should be seen in the pieces that you produce. There should also be a fair understanding of what the technique/message you are conveying.
    Artist references would be a good idea as well as it shows an appreciation for what you are doing as well as a source of inspiration for your work.
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    i think its quite easy 4 a C, i've never known anyone who'd got a ever for it! lol. i did it last year and got an A but reading what u put up there about Quanitity being more than quality- yeah i did loadsa stuff! is that why i got a high mark i actually thought my work was good
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    I did GCSE Art, and was predicted A/A* the whole way, then ended up with a C. It was my worst grade, the biggest waste of time, and I felt it meant that I didnt put as much time into my other subjects when I should of done, so it is a big regret. I'm debating not even putting it on my UCAS because it basically is the ****stain on my GCSE certificate!


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