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    The final song in the latest episode was too awesome.
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    E4 are showing the pilot ep at 9pm on Tuesday December 15th as a preview, the main series starts mid-January.

    I love this show too much, any chance of a Glee society being set up? I have no idea how to!
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    i love Glee!!!

    one of my flatmates is a study abroad student from america and she introduced me to it, i'm addicted to watching the new episode on megavideo every week but i think i'll rewatch when it comes to E4!!
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    Only one more episode left then break until april
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    Love Glee!!
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    (Original post by sparklysparkles)
    Only one more episode left then break until april
    But then it's only a couple of weeks before we can watch them all again on E4 - and once they're finished here, it'll nearly be the right time for them to show the new episodes!
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    Did anyone notice that Joe McElderry from X factor already sang two songs from Glee? Extra points for that!
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    I have just discovered this thread here and the programme on E4 - looks alright so far :p:
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    (Original post by Stray_talk)
    I have just discovered this thread here and the programme on E4 - looks alright so far
    Alright? AMAZING, more like
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    It was good, how about that :p:
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    I just watched the one on E4. I thought it was amazing! Really engaging and just fun. Good stuff!
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    I love Glee!! Can't believe its not back till april tho! tut!
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    I downloaded it all 13 episodes last week and loved it. The musical numbers are actually a lot more enjoyable than I thought they would plus the humour is amazing, Jane Lynch's performance as Sue is utterly immense. The character development in the show is also above average; it really does everything it's supposed to do very well.

    Sadly I haven't been able to get anyone other than my sister to watch it with me as they see the singing decide it's like High school musical (which I hate btw) and don't want to give it a try.
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    Just watched the first episode on 4od, it's amazing! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Will they show it every week on Ch4?
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    (Original post by BrightGirl)
    Just watched the first episode on 4od, it's amazing! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Will they show it every week on Ch4?
    The season doesn't actually start until January, and I'm not sure if it'll be on C4 or E4 like the pilot was
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    US pace:
    I loved the finale! Glad they cleared everything up and Will and Emma Can't wait for it to return
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    this show is absolutely amazing, and some of the acting in it is unbelievably awesome. All my other shows (Scrubs, House, HIMYM, 90210, One Tree hill, Big Bang Theory and Smallville) are feeling a bit stale atm (well maybe not smallville) and Glee's been a breath of fresh air.
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    I heard about this programme back in September from WhattheBuck on YouTube. I subscribed to a channel that had their cool cover versions, and I've watched clips of the show online. So happy to see that first full episode on Tuesday, it was well good. It's a shame there's no more eps till next year, but something to look forward to . And that Rachel Berry is so pretty.
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    Just started watching this. Amazing.
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    I need to start watching this :teeth:

    EDIT: why does this have to clash with hustle


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