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AS and A-Level maths and further maths resources thread

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    This thread is intended to be used for anyone to make requests for any resources for AS and A-Level Maths (and related subjects) - including past exam papers, mark schemes, etc. Please keep any requests in this thread; any requests posted elsewhere will be merged into this thread. Please note that in replying to any requests, materials should not be posted as attachments to posts, but instead as links to external hosts.

    For requests for resources for other levels and qualifications, please use the following threads:

    Past paper sites - external

    OCR MEI PP bank
    AQA bank
    WJEC bank
    CIE bank

    Past Paper links - on TSR (june 10, jan 10, june 09, jan 09) (A huge thread with a vast collection)



    Examiners reports


    Speciman papers


    Grade Boundries


    Useful revision websites (Ask your school about subscribing) (Ask your school about subscribing)

    Revision notes on our very own wiki
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    Does anyone have

    Paper Reference:6663.
    Edexcel GCE.
    Core Mathematics C3.
    Set A: Practice Paper 5

    I would really appreciate it. Thanks
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    Hey guys do u know where i can get c3 pastpapers and markschemes on the net?
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    PM me.
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    I found this amazing site! It has every maths paper you could think of, woohoo! enjoy
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    i too could use some c3 papers with the exam being on monday!... usually use which is really good- it has everything, but unfortunately the site is down atm and the downloaded pdfs only went into my temporary folder. i've already done the c3 june 2005 and specimen paper, as well as the edexcel practice papers.. i was working through the solomon practice papers so if anyone has that zip file could they possibly send it my way? thankyou
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    (Original post by H_R)
    I found this amazing site! It has every maths paper you could think of, woohoo! enjoy
    Great!! I've been looking for answers to C4 Practice Set papers, and they've got them.
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    has anyone got any Edexcel C3 past exam papers?
    I have tried to search for it usign the search facility however found no luck. I had only found solomon papers. Can anyone post C3 papers please?
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    na i don't need essays. i want to practice past edexcel exam papers for C3. Hasn't anyone got past paper for C3?
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    here u go
    Attached Files
  11. File Type: doc C3 Mock.doc (385.5 KB, 860 views)
  12. File Type: doc C3 June 05.doc (72.0 KB, 1110 views)
  13. File Type: doc C3 Jan 2006.doc (271.0 KB, 970 views)
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    Attached Files
  15. File Type: doc C3 Mock MS.doc (354.5 KB, 625 views)
  16. File Type: doc C3 June 05 MS.doc (275.3 KB, 513 views)
  17. File Type: doc C3 January 2006 Mark Scheme.doc (399.5 KB, 931 views)
  18. File Type: doc Answers for C3 January 2006.doc (28.0 KB, 648 views)
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    thanks a lot for posting past papers
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    Yo, thanks for posting these papers, just had a mock yesterday, and doing C3 in january
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    past paper heaven lol

    thanks cuddy
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    thanks cuddy!
  24. Offline

    thanks man! i got mocks tommorow and the real deal in jan!
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    has anyone got the mark scheme for the 2006 OCR maths exams?

    I've done the C1 C2 and C3 papers and would like to know what grade I got in them!

    OCR don't have the mark scheme on their website, so I tried Google, found nothing. Then searched the forum here and again couldn't find this specific mark scheme!

    Would be really nice if some one could upload it!

    Thank You!

  26. Offline

    ill upload it for u
  27. Offline

    ah wow! THANK YOU SO MUCH! you're a starrrr! I thought I'd never find it!

    Exams are tomorrow and on friday


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Updated: June 3, 2015
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