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The Manchester City Society II

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    The society for all things Manchester City, but please, the following have been done to death. I'll still argue because I have nothing better to do but please come in with an original point;

    - Hughes should/shouldn't have been sacked
    - We're ruining the PL, football etc
    - We're a small club with no history
    - Anything written in the Daily Mail, The Sun etc
    - WUMing based on us losing in the last minute :sad:
    - The value for money of Joleon Lescott and James Milner

    The following discussions are always welcomed;

    - How good we are
    - Balotelli stories
    - Classic Garry Cook moments
    - Videos of derby wins
    - How good Tevez, De Jong, Johnson are
    - Etc etc

    Great article Marwood and what were moving towards.
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    No need, already has a thread.

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    What is this madness! I don't even..
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    Thaaaat's more like it. :coma:
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    This is the real soc, I'll change the little squiggle to an II when the other thread is gone to save confusion.
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    Based on the simple principle that I would commit bloody murder if a Blues fan made the next Villa thread, I shall leave this one as the official one. Change the number though Jepp. :yy:
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    haha did a united fan (kev?) make another thread for us?

    feel the love
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    can you spare my club a few million.

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    (Original post by Jim-ie)
    haha did a united fan (kev?) make another thread for us?

    feel the love
    Louis got in before me, my internet went just as I was starting the thread..... :sad:
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    Ooh, shiny new thread. Got my Wigan away ticket, anyone else making the (short) trip?
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    The OP is woeful, tbh. It has no relevance to the thread title :no:

    Mine was much better :sad:
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    Just realised we play Chelsea and Juventus in the same week. That's a test of the big boy pants right there.:zomg:
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    I want to go to Juve so bad :coma:
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    I already have an insult for them, vanafoli!
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    Are We England In Disguise?
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    Villa appoint Houllier :awesome:

    In other news Balotelli's out for 6 weeks, having knee surgery
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Updated: October 19, 2015
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