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Fancy Dress - Questions, advice, cheap solutions, themes

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    With freshers week just round the corner and then halloween, fancy dress is always tricky! Whether you're looking for the perfect fancy dress theme for your party, can't decide on what costume to wear or need to work out how to make a costume when you've got no money, this is the place to come to!
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    Hey people,
    i have to go to a party next weekend and i have no money at all, any ideas for female movie characters that it would be relatively chaep and easy to get a costume together for....something original though!
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    Audrey Hepburn:-D
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    Edie Sedgewick!
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    lara croft is quite simple, cheap and easy- but very effective! i had a hollywood theme party for my birthday and lots of ideas came from that. erm there was me as velma kelly from chicago, lara croft, marylin monroe, galadriel from lotr, holly golightly from breakfast at tiffany's, tinkerbell, kate beckinsale in pearl harbour.
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    Beaten to it :sad:
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    okay so this isn't the most original idea in the book but...
    Marilyn Monroe?
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    princess lea, my friend did it by wearing a sheet with a hole for the head then putting a bit of cord around her waist. then just improvise the hair...
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    Oh I know..Princess Jasmine from Alladin?

    Do you have black hair?
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    Poison Ivy
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    a pirate of somekind.
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    easiest ever...and very chic....uma thurman in pulp fiction. = oversized white button down shirt, black slightly flared trousers. platform heels. cheap black bob wig. cigarette in hand (smoking optional). excepting the wig...its just a bunch of regular wardrobe staples.
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    jenna jaimeson
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    the girl from the ring, white dress long black hair face paint.
    nun from the sound of music
    any of the women from scooby doo
    grease pink ladies
    avatar- blue body paint/leggings etc
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    How about the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz. All you need is a black outfit with a cape, a witch hat and some green face paint.
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    Miss Trunchball
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    Sally Bowles (black vest top, black shorts, simple stockings/cut up an old pair of tights, you can get cheap bowler hats if you look)

    Baby Jane (White nightdress, overapplication of eyeliner, cheap nasty wig)

    Marilyn's Gentlemen Prefer Blondes costume?

    This needs effort, but very cheap and fun (imo anyway) get a skin tone leotard and those see-through tights and glue Ann Summer's fabric rose petals all over them a la Angela from American Beauty :awesome:


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Updated: November 29, 2014
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