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2 A-Levels. University choices?

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    I'm in the same position as you, though I'm in my AS year! I'm doing Geography & English lit due to being off school the 2 years with m.e/cfs. Still not better but have no choice but to do this otherwise i'll be so behind in life I'm also starting to worry about unis though! I hope you get on okay x
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    You could always take a gap year and reapply next year. During the gap do at least one more A level preferably two or even three (as business is seen as a soft subject)
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    If you can, do another A-level next year and maybe another AS! if you could get an A in another facilitating subject like Maths or History you will have so many options!!!
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    You could do distance learning fast track a levels pm if you want to know more
    Then you could go to a traditional uni ( better uni) ok
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    I've got a friend who did 2 A-Levels at school, because she dropped physics as she had no hope of passing it. She did one fast-track A-Level in a year at a local college, and is now at university studying geography Look at local colleges for fast-track A-Levels that you can do in one year if you definitely want to go to uni OP
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    you need to research into uni's which accept GS and uni's which dont accept it, first of all. Kent, Sussex (for some subjects), Leicester, Leeds, Lancaster, Sheffield, Liverpool, and Essex university accept GS as a 3rd A level for specific subjects. These uni's are in the 20/30's, so no, your not restricted to ex poly's only.
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    Ignore people who say you can't get into university with two A-levels, you can and lots of people do.

    Normally places that have UCAS point offers instead of grade offers (e.g. ABB) are the sorts of universities you should be looking at, however some unis with high grade requirements sometimes let you in with two AS-levels in place of an A-level.

    General Studies is not always ignored; you'll have to look at individual entrance requirements.

    Sheffield Hallam 2012 entrance requirements for Geography BSc (Hons):

    5 GCSEs at grade C or above including English Language and Mathematics.

    300 UCAS points (equivalent to BBB) from at least 2 A-levels including at least 80 points (grade C) in Geography. We accept AS-levels and General Studies.
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    Lancaster University accept general studies!!!


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