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Resolution (HYP)2012/1: Concerning increased militarisation in the Pacific

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    The following resolution was submitted to the security council by the Representative of Australia.
    At the voting stage it was vetoed by the representative for Russia.

    The General Assembly will now discuss and then vote on the topic of this resolution

    Resolution (HYP)2012/1: Concerning increased militarisation in the Pacific

    Committee: Security Council
    Proposed by Australia

    Concerned by the significant conflict arising in relation to the production and testing of missiles by Taiwan,
    Alarmed by the rapid deployment of military forces, particularly armed naval vessels, in close proximity to Taiwan,
    Welcoming the deployment of observers by Ukraine and Denmark,
    Realising that nations are preparing for and have already engaged in acts of aggression,

    1. Demands an immediate cessation of aggression by member states of all affiliations;
    2. Further demands removal of all military forces within 40 miles of Taiwan, save those of Taiwan and as allowed under point 3;
    3. Authorises a United Nations observer force to monitor the situation;
    4. Calls on neutral and concerned states to participate in the above force;
    5. Expressly condemns the proposed targeting of Tainwanese missile facilities by the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea;

    (Original post by Darren-M)
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    Australia submitted this resolution at a time before war had been declared between multiple member states. As such, it does not recognize that Denmark has declared war on Saudi Arabia and instead refers to their efforts to preserve peace throughout the region through their deployment of observers. We believe that both the Danish and Ukrainian efforts were fair and lawful, and that belligerent states had no right to use military force against Denmark.

    Nor does the resolution detail the specific military attacks that some member states have initiated in against Taiwan, such as the bombardment of naval facilities by North Korea and the surgical strikes by China. Australia condemns these acts of aggression in the strongest possible terms.

    Because the above events have now occurred, this resolution may not go far enough in the eyes of some states. However, we stress that this resolution is a building block of cooperation and the aim is to end fighting in order to initiate a peace dialogue.

    In regards to the creation of an observer force, we believe that this is key to ensure that the laws of war are upheld by all sides while military action is ongoing. Should they fail to be upheld, it is important that there is neutral observation of such to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice.
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    New Zealand fully agrees with this motion. We have deployed assets to the region to try and enforce peace and will be grateful for any assistance in this against the over whelming fire power of the countries of China, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia.
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    Ukraine fully agrees with this motion, but without pre-emptively placing blame on any single nation. We note that nations on both sides of the conflict, in particular the DPRK, Taiwan itself and surprisingly Argentina and Tanzania have needlessly escalated the conflict.

    Our forces in the area are ready to join in any peacekeeping effort, but will not engage the forces of any country except only in defence or in response to massive disregard for civilian casualties.
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    Switzerland hopes this resolution will solve long term conflict.
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    The Republic of Poland backs this resolution and hopes it helps to restabilise the region.
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    (Original post by Darren-M)
    How would you feel about this going to vote early?
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    (Original post by thunder_chunky)
    How would you feel about this going to vote early?
    Sure thing.
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    The Poll is up!
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    Australia hopes that all member states will vote in accord of this resolution, as to do otherwise is to ignore the obligation that the United Nations has to preserve the sanctity of life. The Security Council has already failed in its' obligations of this through the actions of Russia.

    We thank the nations of New Zealand, Poland, Switzerland and Ukraine for their support of this resolution.
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    Libya supports this resolution but would like to entertain a reservation to clause 4; we cannot commit troops as we are in the process of recovering from civil war.
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    Both Argentina and Tanzania vote Yes (another vote needed).

    This aggression from despotic regimes must stop.
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    (Original post by Darren-M)
    This resolution has passed, therefore the veto by the representative for the Federation of Russia has been nullified.


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Updated: March 15, 2012
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