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I thought uni was going to be some what like american pie movies

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    I thought university life was going to be just a lot of studying and no fun, it was the opposite in fact, Wow it turned out to be like an american pie movies.

    Edit- whats with the thumbs down? every out here had bad uni experience ?
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    Yup. University is boring and overhyped. Especially at this time of year. Deadlines and exams and all that.
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    Seriously? :lolwut:

    Why on earth would you possibly think that? :facepalm2:
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    He has a point.

    It isn't like what you see in American Pie movies, although it was never going to be like that anyway.
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    Ah, so you have been caught by the balls, greenhopper!

    It depends on many things, really - the university, the location, the time of year - obviously when it's exam time people are going to be more focused on studying - and the general ethos of the university. Can I ask where you're studying, out of interest?

    I studied at Brunel and Academy was alright in terms of turn-out, but it looks like it's gone south nowadays (after I graduated though!)
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    I havent read any of the above posts but when I read the subject of the thread ... i literally ROFLed! *Sigh* - i wish
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    You say it's not but I've got a beautiful warm apple pie sitting right here.
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    (Original post by Xamanus)
    I thought uni was going to be some what like american pie movies
    Here's where you went wrong.
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    Welcome to reality. It sucks.
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    (Original post by Xamanus)
    Is everyone got nerdish these days?
    Not quite.
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    Why does everyone think that's what its going to be like? I'm not averse to the odd party or drink but come on, basing what you think a primarily academic insitute to be like on sensationalist hollywood films? Come on.
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    (Original post by Xamanus)
    But its just opposite out here, Its so boring and what a big disappointment.. The library is full all days of the week, The bars are dead, if there are people theres only guys.. people just club once a night here in the uni nightclub which sucks because its turns to be a cock-fest and is so cramped up.. Where are the girls gone? where are the good parties? Is everyone got nerdish these days? What a big disappoinment.
    1) It's a movie - reality is never as exciting

    2) I'm guessing you're at uni in the UK - the experience is quite different to the the US uni's, especially the ones famous for partying e.g. Arizona State
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    American pie.
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    Which uni?
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    i am going to band camp at Easter; i am going to take my flute

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    American College vs British University.



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    I'd be pretty upset of uni turned out to be like American Pie.

    The sort of stuff they do in those movies, is the sort of thing I did when I was like 14-16.
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    Were you expecting it? A female to male ratio of 5 to 1, and unlimited alcohol from an illegal and free source? life is what you make it and all, but not even Part schools will ever match up to a fictional teen romp ^^ sorry.
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    haha I'd love it if uni was like that!!


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