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SSE vs RSM vs Warwick vs Cass

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    Hi mates!

    I hope you can give me some input on the following decision:
    I got accepted for a Msc in Management at SSE, RSM, Warwick and Cass.

    My shortterm goal is to get into Management Consulting. I have a Economics/Management (I did a programme in between) background. I speak German, Italian and English.

    Till now I think I will accept the offer of SSE.

    What do you think?

    Useful answers would be really nice! Thanks in advance!

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    SSE would be a good bet. Get kids into a lot of banking and mgmt consulting. Rarely have I heard of a Cass or Warwick graduate at Bain, Mck or BCG.
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    I stumbled about it on TSR like four or five times, so now I have to ask: what the heck is "Cass"?!?!
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    the classic TSR response..
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    I'd definitely go with SSE.


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