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Salford Childrens Nursing March 2013?

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    Yes well done Molly ,has every 1 else got ant stipulations .eg mines a conditional offer as I have to got through the Apel system which means il have to pass that before x
    I've had a look at it and I should be ok
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    Hi Tracey,

    Mine is conditional too but they just need to see an original copy of my NVQ certificate as evidence of recent study and also i need a reference off my employer which is slightly awkward as with not starting until march now not September means I'm effectively giving 12 months notice! Oh well, needs must! So exciting! Xx
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    Also Tracey, what does the apel system consist of is it a general exam?x
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    As far as I know APEL is the Additional learning you have to put a portfolio together as evidence. I have a workshop on may 24 I think it is.
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    Hi everyone,

    I have an offer for Salford in March so excited can't wait to start.
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    Congrats Lisa! Has anyone heard anything from the university since recieving the offer? Open days, NHS bursarys etc.... x
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    (Original post by tracy haslam)
    OMG I don't know about amy1else but it's all I can think about and I feel like Im boring every1 else at home but I'm so proud of getting in and excited its untrue anyone else feeling like this or am I a lonesome x
    Hi Tracy,

    I am exactly the same,its my main topic of conversation and "yes"we should be proud I think its a massive step to return to study as a mature student.
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    (Original post by lynseyyy)
    Well done Molly!
    I have an interview for children's for the September 2013 intake on Tuesday 19th!!
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    Only just found this post!!
    I have a place for the march intake but did apply for the september.
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    Hey. I have a interview for child nursing on friday at Salford for next september and was wondering if any of you have any advice. It would be much appreciated thank you!


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Updated: January 8, 2014
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