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Applying to Oxford with an Incomplete AS

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    Hi! First post and all that. I'm looking to apply to Oxford for a Physics and Philosophy course, this coming year.

    For AS I'm taking Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Philosophy and Ethics (with unfortunate emphasis on religious P&E!), and Psychology, though am planning to drop Psychology this coming year. Oh, and General Studies, but I can't imagine that counts for anything much!

    Unfortunately, due to my teacher being absent since shortly after Christmas (a result of illness), the head of department is considering postponing our third AS (FP4) unit 'til January 2013, lest our entire class fail. As it's a Further Maths course and ours was one of only two teachers available for the subject, our education has been heavily disrupted in it.

    Do Oxford or other universities have any standard procedure to compensate for such scenarios?

    I'm concerned because this will, of course, mean I don't have a complete Further Maths AS at the time of my application - could this hinder my chances of attaining an interview?

    Alternatively, is there an e-mail address available for these kinds of questions, or for specific tutors/departments? (I've been looking but so far to no avail!)

    Thanks very much.
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    I am not a genius at Oxford applications or anything maths related :P but I should hope that in this instance, because the head of department is postponing it (and it's nothing that is your fault), I don't think there should be any issues. If it were something else, for example you had gone on holiday and missed the exam, then they may be more harsh. But in this I don't think it will disadvantage you Just do your best to write a strong supporting personal statement (if you haven't done so already) and really express your passion for the course.

    Best of luck!

    P.s wow you do a lot of subjects :eek:
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    i dont think it will count against you as your tutor should inform oxford about the extenuating circumstances and theyll take them in to account
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    It won't matter in the slightest (But best to make sure Oxford know what's going on, so when it comes to applying, ask your tutor to mention it in your reference.)
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    That is queite interesting as your own teacher is lying seriously for better 2mao. Then cool.. K, am a head department like him. Some days were like that
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    If you enter the result as Pending on your application and your reference gives a predicted grade then it will not make any difference to you getting an interview. I imagine they will also mention the disruption in your reference. Good luck
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    Thanks very much for the answers. I emailed the admissions office, and they said essentially the same as you.

    So long as I mention it on my reference and complete the A2 there should be no problem!


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