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Standard Grade Geography Exam

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    Hey guys, I sat my SG Geography exam yesterday and I was just wondering what everyone else thought of it. I thought the general paper was quite easy but I found the credit quite difficult. I hardly wrote anything for the question about the road engineers and I hadn't done much revision for the questions about the benefits of the EU and fair trade so I coudln't write much for that either. Also I found the question about the Marine National Parks difficult too. I was hoping for a 1 in this exam but am realising it's probably going to be a 2 now:/
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    I acutally thought the exam went okay. For general, I messed up a question, as I misread it. Yeah, I did think for the question about the road engineers, that there wasn't much to get you four marks. The only things I could see were embankments, tunnels and cuttings. I also said there was a bridge, even though there wasn't, just because my answer looked alarmingly short. I was quite surprised that there was quite a lot of human geography, but I guess as I was lucky, as I had practised some past paper questions about the EU and Fairtrade, so I managed to write something. For the marine park one, I just rambled on aimlessly, but I hope I've at least managed to pick up a couple of marks for it.
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    I completely failed on the road engineer question. I put bridge too and I mentioned tunnels but I think I got a maximum of 1 mark D:

    Apart from that I thought it was ok though.
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    The road engineer question was the only one I had no idea about!
    I rambled on in the farming question also, I had no idea what 'improved pasture' was so I was clutching at straws really. And for the question where you had to pick which area was best for a housing development, what did everyone put?
    Really hoping for a 1 but I'm not sure I've got enough marks.. Anyone know what the grade boundary for a 1 will be? Or think they have an idea?
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    Yeah I had no idea what 'improved pasture' was either. For the housing development question I put greenfield site but I only wrote enough for 3 or 4 marks so I gave a few advantages for the brownfield site too. I think the cut off marks for a 2 will be KU 16/32 and ES 24/48. For a 1 it could be KU 24/32 and ES 36/48.
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    Yeah, I've never heard of it, weird. Aw ****, I put Brownfield hahah oh well!
    Really don't want to wait until August for results. I'm so impatient!
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    (Original post by kaleidoscope)
    Yeah, I've never heard of it, weird. Aw ****, I put Brownfield hahah oh well!
    Really don't want to wait until August for results. I'm so impatient!
    I put brownfield too!
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    (Original post by aimzox)
    I put brownfield too!
    High-five people I put brownfield atoo
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    Phew! That's good then.
    Anyone remember their reasons for putting Brownfield?
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    I wrote that "It won't interrupt farmers business", and that "the environment would benefit from this as they would have to tidy the brownfield first" and few other things, I can't really remember now
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    I actually thought both exams went really well. Strangely enjoyed it, haha.

    It doesn't matter whether you put greenfield or brownfield as long as you back up your choice with appropriate reasons. So as long as you put good reasons you should be fine. (:

    As for the road builders, I mentioned the construction of the bridge over the river, the use of tunnels to prevent disruption of current roads/paths, the use of the embankments built around it near the wet areas at the river to prevent flooding and then I threw in some grid references to try and get the 4 marks. Hopefully some of those were right!
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    The general exam I only revised the formation of corries not U-shaped valleys oops


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