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religious education

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    what would a theist think about religion? what does being a religious believer involve? Include quotes. How does this link to Moses

    Well a theist is someone who believes in a God so is likely to follow a religion e.g Christianity. Being a religious believer can involve an initiation ceremony such as baptism and it involves living out your life in accordance to the Word of God in the case of a Christian.There would be an expectation to go to a religious building such as a Church and involves devotion to God personally. Being a religious believer also means to commit your life in service to God say like being part of a Church band, to being a worker at a children's meeting or volunteering to take part in something.

    Moses, Biblical figure who led the Isrealites out of Egypt across the Red Sea. He recieved the 10 Commandments which are the guidelines of Christianity- rules to follow eg Do not have any other gods before Me- links into devotion to God, Keep the Sabbath is linked to going to Church on Sunday and not working
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