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Really depressed, been rejected everywhere.

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    (Original post by So Fetch)
    How is London South Bank?

    Yup I understood that, and I've also mentioned that the university I go to won't affect what I plan on doing in the future.
    Well, I am not sure what differences there are between the two schools but I'd guess they're pretty equal. Many of the low ranked universities use UCAS points, so take a look at their websites and ask them directly if need be.

    (Original post by So Fetch)
    I have average grades (BBC) and was told by my sixth-form college to apply
    to the "average bunch" but I knew that wasn't were my heart was set at. I'm proving the naysayers wrong everyday I'm :work: so don't let a piece of paper from last year dictate where your true potential is.

    Eat, breathe, :work: , sleep & repeat. There isn't a magic formula for making gains :lol: its the small steps everyday. You still have a little over a month to make growth and progress in your upcoming exams and every hour now is crucial.


    Well, my sisters a Law student who had the same grades as you. She did a foundation degree though.

    I just don't understand why you applied without ucas. I'm sure that's the reason. I know people with worse grades than you who have got offers from russel group unis lol

    (Original post by XxKingSniprxX)
    progress in your upcoming exams and every hour now is crucial.
    These are final results, not AS.

    (Original post by Lawliettt)
    I just don't understand why you applied without ucas. I'm sure that's the reason. I know people with worse grades than you who have got offers from russel group unis lol
    She's an international student.

    Read the thread, people.

    Surely it would be easier and cheaper for you to just resit your a-levels? That way if you get good grades you would have more choice as to where to apply
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    Thanks for all of your help guys!

    Lastly, if I do a foundation year from one university, can I do the main LLB course from another?

    For example, if I do the foundation year at a university that doesn't cost as much as some other, and then do the course at City?

    Don't be fussy about what uni a law degree comes from. Prestige is not all it is cracked up to be. Throw prestige out of the window by applying to a wide range of unis and there is everything to play for.

    (Original post by So Fetch)
    Hi guys,

    I have really bad A level grades (CCD) and I want to study law. I was told that I can still make it to mediocre universities and applied directly to a few without UCAS.

    I have been rejected by all of them and I'm really depressed because I was hoping to join university this year.

    I have put out a few options for myself and I was wondering if I could get feedback or any other advice.

    1. Forget the idea and dreams of going to university.
    If I can't even get into an average university, what's the point in going. I'm so disheartened and put off of it that all it's doing is making me more depressed.

    2. Wait for results day, so apply through clearing.
    But even this is a pretty big risk, again I'd have my hopes up and if no university offers me a place I'd be heart broken.

    3. Suck it up and go to a bad university.
    I personally don't really like this option because I don't want to spend so much money on a university that isn't even worth it.

    Also, could you guys suggest some universities that will accept me for Law with the grades CCD?
    Have you considered applying to Nott'm Trent, if they accept your grades? It is one of the best ex-polys for law and I know several people who attended that have gone on to obtain training contracts - many of them are doing very well now. Give it some thought.

    I haven't read most of the other posts so I apologise if things have already been said, but having read your original post: please do not give up your dream of going to university. Just because your A level grades aren't the highest in the world, it does not mean you are not worthy of university level education. There are people who have gotten into university with low grades who have done exceptionally well at university, and I'm sure there are people who get into university with amazing grades but don't do as well for various reasons.

    I know it's hard when you're feeling depressed to think positively, but your priority now is try to get into university. Even if you don't feel like it, you need to convince these universities that you deserve a place and are determined to fulfil your dream. Do you have any extra-curricular activities, work experience or volunteering for example, that you could push forward to show you're willing to work hard? Have you done extra reading, watched documentaries or done extra research around your subject to show your interest? Could you highlight an area of Law that you're interested in to talk about?

    I know you don't want to spend longer than 3 years at university, but if you want to do Law enough, and the only way you could do it was to do a foundation year, surely that would be worth spending an extra year at university for?

    I agree with considering Nottingham Trent. That was my insurance option and I absolutely loved it. Although I didn't apply for Law, the university is incredible. It's really up-and-coming, they have great facilities and great links to industry, and they accept low entry requirements for a lot of subjects. When I went to the open day, they said the reason they accept low grades isn't because the course isn't as good, but rather that they wanted to allow the course to be accessible to people with lower grades.

    If you have limited amount of money then perhaps you should consider studying elsewhere in Europe. If I were you, I would go somewhere where tuition is either free or considerably cheaper than the UK - Germany or Sweden would be ideal, or perhaps the Netherlands or Ireland. These countries have some very good universities with comparatively low entry requirements.You can either study law, or perhaps a closely related subject and then use some of the money you save to do a GDL in the UK.
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