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Got a 2.2 today bit depressed not so bad at the moment

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    I got my degree classification today. It was a 2.2. To be honest I was expecting a 2.2. There was a chance of a 2.1 but I felt that a 2.2 was on it's way.

    I'm not to bothered as long as I find employment. After graduating I put my CV up on monster and received interest. There is one job I'm going for as a graduate QA tester. I heard about this job through an agency, they asked me to apply it sounded good I did. I passed two interview stages, and have been invited to attend an interview/technical test next week.

    This is all good, however after receiving the invite to that they sent me the full job spec via email. Minimum 2.1 required. Now so far they have no asked me what my degree classification is or what I am expecting. I'm not sure what to do? Do I phone them and tell them that I go a 2.2? Or do I just carry on with the process hoping I get a job and no one asks me what classification I received?

    Now I do have some things going for me. I have 8 months experiences having worked between the summers of 2nd and 3rd year and 3rd and 4th year. And in the interviews these where of more interest to them.

    This job is a Graduate scheme however. Most graduate schemes require a 2.1 and they seem to be for people of that classification, they entail that they are for people who have achieved a 2.1.

    Can anyone lend some advice, has anyone heard of a situation like this and anyone who has received a 2.2 how have you gotten on?

    On your CV, did you put down your predicted degree results as a 2.1?
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    No I didn't put an expected grade. That's why I was surprised to get so many enquires. I do have quite a complete CV except my degree classification etc.

    No don't mention it! Only answer it if you are directly asked about it. Simple as that.

    Worst case scenario - someone asks you about it, then you answer truthfully of your grade classification and claim that you didn't spot that requirement on the job spec.

    Best case scenario - it's over looked and you move on with your your role.

    I wouldn't say that you shouldn't say that you didn't notice it, that'll just make you look worse in their eyes because you'll be thought of as incompetent if you can't read the specs.

    When asked just say that you know that you have what it takes to do the job and a degree classification doesn't equate to you not knowing or being capable, as you've demonstrated in your interviews.

    I didn't realise this post was from June lol
    How did it go? Did you get the job?
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Updated: August 6, 2016
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