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Anaemia and periods

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    Basically a while back, I was at the dentist and he told me he thinks I could be anaemia because I have a patchy tongue. I need to go get a blood test to confirm this.
    I'm 18 and have only had 8 periods. My last period was in January (no I'm not pregnant) and I often go months between periods. However, when I do get periods, they are very heavy and I often feel very tired. Would this suggest that I am anemic? I am going to get a blood test to check but j was just wondering. Also, is there anyone else who gets such infrequent periods?

    I'm anaemic but my periods aren't infrequent, you should visit a doctor about that.

    Drops in iron levels during periods can make you feel weaker, especially if you're anaemic. Eating iron rich foods like red meat and spinach can help. You can also have Spatone which are sachets of iron rich water that you can add to juice.

    The weakness may stem from having heavy periods which could cause Anaemia. As for the absence of periods, I dont think it directly links to Anaemia but could be due to something else. Like you, I am 18 and have suffered with absence of periods. When I saw my Doctor, it was suggested that I might have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I had a blood test which aren't very good for diagnosing PCOS because they often come back inconclusive. Another way to diagnose this is through a scan. This could be an external or internal scan, although internal is better. However, if you are not sexually active, they probably wont give you an internal one. The best way to conclude if you have it would be through the symptoms you have which is a rather crap way if you ask me. I dont want to scare you, but PCOS is a possibility. Have a look at the symptoms online and if you need anymore advice, message me. Hope this helps.

    That could be PCOS, not entirely sure though. Best thing would be to see a doctor about this, I'm sure they could help you better than a student on a forum.

    I'm also Anaemic and though my periods can be irregular, it is only by a few days, not months unlike the OP. I have been taking Ferrous Sulphate for the past 3 months and will begin Rigevidon during my next period as my GP believes this will help with my Anaemia.
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Updated: June 28, 2016
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