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Annoying vegan/vegetarian housemate thread

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    Anyone have stories about moving in with annoying/militant Vegans etc?.. start controlling the kitchen, telling you what you can & can't eat, moving your food, watching you eat meat etc & telling you why you shouldn't..?

    Housemates and kitchen don't mix... fact...

    This year alone, I've probably had around £30 worth of food magically disappear...
    Most common things to end up disappearing are things like squash, BBQ sauce, chips, bread, spreads etc...

    So, I've learned this year to keep all condiments and squash in my room.
    So yes, housemates tend to steal what they can...

    As Science said, I think you'll find you're more likely to have issues with flatmates "borrowing" food that doesn't belong to them, damaging/losing your cutlery/cooking utensils and the like.

    The whole vegan/vegetarian thing is nothing I've ever heard as they cook their own food and ultimately given you all pay the same rent you all have the exact same entitlement to the kitchen. If they don't like it they can jog on.

    On the other hand, I've never actually lived with one, perhaps they try to put them all together? I don't recall whether I stated any preferences like that on my application.

    Subscribing to this thread out of interest.

    I've lived with a few over the years (1 raw foodist [like vegan+], 4 or 5 vegetarians) but they've been no different to (or much less annoying...) than other housemates. I haven't yet personally come across this phenomenon of the militant vegan that talks about it a lot, but I know they exist. My housemates never talked about it, unless asked, and certainly never controlled anyone. A couple of the vegetarians talked about how they'd like to go vegan but hadn't managed yet, when food was being discussed and it fit the conversation.

    I've lived with a veggie but it was never an issue. I think the only problem there tends to be with vegetarians is people stealing their crockery/pans and using them to cook meat which they don't like. So don't do that cos it's really disrespectful. To be honest I have never met a veggie so militant that it made me uncomfortable.
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Updated: June 23, 2016
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