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    Hey guys, so i've been looking through the med school personal statement library but can't see any green rated statements. Do you know if there are any?


    I used that a couple of times in my preparation but I never remember seeing any "green" examples, just perfect examples of how not to write one...

    There used to be a personal statement advice forum years ago but thats not around anymore either. You're stuck with google for now which isnt that reliable - though if you havent started a draft PS now for October then my advice is get the structure you need (from each uni website) and just start throwing words onto paper under those sections.

    (Original post by acook59)
    Hey guys, so i've been looking through the med school personal statement library but can't see any green rated statements. Do you know if there are any?

    Hi acook59

    How are you getting on with your personal statement?

    Your personal statement is a great opportunity for making your application stand out from the crowd but sometimes it can be a bit daunting even knowing how to get started, let alone deciding what to include and what to leave out!

    The most important thing to remember is that you want to make your PS stand out for the right reasons so don't be shy in showing your enthusiasm! Really the best thing you can do if you haven't already, is get started... just write those first few words, turn those first few words into a first draft and before you know it, you'll have written yourself an amazing personal statement!

    This is something we are pretty experienced in, so do let me know if you'd like any further advice with this. In fact, you might find this video worth watching for some tips on writing a killer personal statement.

    I hope that's been of some use... good luck with it!

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