Adding your personal statement to the library

Your personal statement could help thousands of students with their uni application

If you've ever made a university application, you'll know that writing your personal statement is one of the trickiest parts.

Among the ways The Student Room aims to help is with our 'personal statement library', an area of the site filled with hundreds of real personal statements from actual university applicants.

Every year, during the application window, this becomes one of the busiest places on the site. Anyone can take a look at these sample statements and get a little inspiration in how to write their own.

You can add your personal statement, too

If you have gone through the Ucas process and are now at uni, you can add your own personal statement. There are lots of reasons why you might want to do this...

  • You got help yourself from people on The Student Room when making your application
  • You used The Student Room's personal statement library for inspiration when you wrote your own personal statement 
  • You just want to be helpful to the next group of university applicants

Whatever the reason, if you'd like to add your personal statement to The Student Room, we'd love to feature it!

Your personal statement can't be copied

Once a personal statement is published on The Student Room, it's available for anyone to read. That includes Ucas itself, so it is not possible for someone copy and submit your statement. Their copied statement would be flagged by the Ucas plagiarism checking system.

For this reason, please make sure you only publish your personal statement on The Student Room if you are completely finished with it.

How to upload your personal statement

1. Make sure you won't be needing your personal statement again! Once your personal statement is published on our site, it will immediately become available for everyone to read.

If you're currently in the process of applying to university, please make sure you wait until your application process is complete (and you have your place at university confirmed) before uploading your personal statement.

2. All set? Great - now make sure you're logged into The Student Room and head over to our article upload page.

3. All you need to do here is to fill in the boxes. First, the title. So that people can find your personal statement easily, please stick to the following format [subject name] personal statement

For example, if you're uploading a personal statement from a history degree application, you would use the following title: History personal statement

4. Now the title's done, you can complete the 'Your article' box. Copy and paste your entire personal statement in there

5. Your personal statement will be even more helpful with a little extra detail. At the end of your personal statement, add a list of each university and course you applied to.

Follow each one with a quick note on whether that university made you an offer, and which one you ended up going to (or whether you went somewhere else entirely).

6. It would also help a lot if you can add the A-level (or equivalent) grades you were predicted, as well as the grades you actually achieved.

7. All that's left to do now is to save your personal statement in the right place...

  • Tap on 'select a category' and choose University
  • Tap on the next grey box and choose Personal statements
  • Now tap on the third grey box and choose the relevant subject area from the list

8. Now just click Submit

And that's it. You're a legend, your personal statement's uploaded and ready to be added to the library.

What happens next?

Once you've submitted your personal statement, it will be added to our queue for checking. 

This step is just to make sure we block any spam from being added to the site. We won't make any changes to the words in your personal statement.

Once we've checked your personal statement is OK and that it's been added to the correct category, it will go live on The Student Room. You'll get a private message from us to let you know once that's been done.