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Is this a scam??

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    I did two trial shifts for a local family owned restaurant on thursday and friday and the manager asked me to bring my passport and NI number to the first trial shift and interview, I have no experience as a waitress but the thing that seemed to make them happy was that I said I was available mon- sat full time.

    After I completed the trial shifts the manager said she would put me on the rota for next week and send my details per to her accountant. I asked her does that mean i start work next week because I was expecting to hear something like you have the job, so i wanted to be sure. anyway today she added me to the staff group chat today, and last week she told me she would post the rota there, I still haven't recieved the rota so I don't even know when i'm supposed to work and my shifts etc.

    Thirdly, they haven't asked me for my bank details or mentioned anything about pay for that matter, or anything else (long story short the manager and her husband who is the chef didn't give me much direction and haven't done so far what I would expect an employer to do). But the fact the fact that they haven't asked for things such as that but have taken copies of my passport and ni number makes me dubious.

    I spoke briefly with one of the waiters when i had a chance and he said its a mimim wage job, but that's all the info I managed to get during the trial shift which i didn't get paid for.

    This is my first job so I hope they are not trying to pull the wool over my eyes

    When I got a temp job at Next, they even took copies of my passport so it's okaay don't worry. But what you could do is contact them and ask them about your shift etc & when will they take your bank details.

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    They should take your NI number, and many places will take your passport - that's completely normally.Maybe they pay cash in hand - that's how I'm paid

    Most places take your NI no. and commonly take a photocopy of your passport. For the rota, check previous posts in the group and see if it hasn't been posted with your name added already. If not then just give them a call tomorrow.

    They obviously should've told you the pay rate and such but they could've easily forgotten. As for bank details, they may pay in cash or ask for one later depending on how often they pay wages.
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Updated: August 1, 2016
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