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Landlord is telling me I have to pay for a wall I didn't break

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    Put nails across the drive

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    (Original post by zayn008)
    Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it!

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    (Original post by Camilli)
    Is Trump your landlord?

    Oh, wait-- you don't live in Mexico.
    lol *

    your landlord is totally out of order with his demands for repairing cracks and threat of illegal (!) eviction. The tenancy agreement and law do not give him permission to do it. Structural/wear tear damages are borne by landlord. Eviction is extreme and only allowed with court order after months of non payment of rent. You need to push back. If he gives you more grieve, compile a logbook of incidents and go to council's housing office (it regulates private landlords too). The officer will give you free legal advice and email/call landlord to set him straight. The law is on your side and he will bear responsibility to prove it. I think you should to the council and file complaint to have it on record as an insurance for future problems. I had a similar problem with my douche bag landlord and he council housing officer helped as mediator.

    It is in landlord's interest to avoid on the complaints' list of rogue landlords. If he does not want people on his driveway, he should install parking bollards with written notice to rogue parkers. Onus is on him.
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