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How do I write a sick note..?

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    So, I didn't go in to school the last 2 days because I was ill.
    And I need to write a note and I've just realisd that I don't know how to write one properly lol.
    How do I?

    Set up a hotmail with your dads name as the address, email in saying "please excuse my childs absence on days x, y and z, it was due to blah blah." Obv use better grammar and punctions, but it just needs to be short really.

    Shouldn't your parents write it for you? I always got them to write one for me, anyway.

    Otherwise, a simple explanation should do. So long as you don't write "I coulnd't be anused to come in so I had a day off" they'll not really care...

    I was sick the other day. I took another day off just for precautionary purposes in case I brought up a mixture( that some how contained carrots in that I cant remember eating) again. The carrots will always remain a mystery to me.
    Please take this note as evidence of authorised absence and included a slice of that mysterious carrot as physical evidence :p:

    Or you could just not go into so much detail and instead say you were absent because you were ill on those particular days....

    Dear [teacher],

    [Pupil] was away for the last [number] days because of illness

    [Parent's name]
    That is all you need to write.

    "Dear Sir/Madam/attendance administrator/whoever deals with attendance at your school,

    I was absent from school on x date and y date due to *insert reason here*.

    Yours faithfully/sincerely (if you know their name),
    Your name, your form"

    The policies on attendance vary from school to school, so I'm not sure if your parents need to sign it as well, or whether you need a doctor's note; but just add/attach as appropriate. Don't worry about dressing it up at all, because the more concise it is, the easier it'll be for them to process it.

    (Original post by rainbow drops)
    i thought everybody were on summer holidays by now :confused:
    Sadly not, we finally break up tomorrow.. :p:

    (Original post by suuuuuuseh)
    Sadly not, we finally break up tomorrow.. :p:
    eek! i broke up this time last week :p:

    If you haven't broken up for summer yet then you're about to, so who really cares? Just stroll in and tell them you were ill.

    My dad once wrote me the following because I kept asking him while he was watching TV

    "Dear Teacher,
    Rebecca wasn't in school yesterday because she hadn't done her homework. Also, she was a little hungover so I thought it best to let her sleep in.
    Hope you don't mind,

    I think the three kisses at the end were the highlight :laugh: Funnily enough I waited and asked my mum when she got home :rolleyes:

    A good format to use though is

    Dear Teacher,
    ____ wasn't in school on _____ because he/she was unwell with a cold / whatever reason
    Sorry for any inconvenience caused,
    Sign name
    (then print name if the signature is illegible)

    Use a computer and fake your parent's signature if you don't want them to know

    Lol, i've never wrote a note for myself but try something like..
    Dear ___
    ___ was off on ___ because s/he ______
    And just sign it
    e.g John Smith

    Why the necessity to fake a parents signature, isn't the OP in sixth form now, so therefore school/college isn't compulsory and it's perfectly reasonable to write his own note?

    [QUOTE=monkeyhead;13469553]I was sick the other day. I took another day off just for precautionary purposes in case I brought up a mixture( that some how contained carrots in that I cant remember eating) again. The carrots will always remain a mystery to me.

    Those weren't carrots deary, they were bits of stomach lining.
    Next time you're ill, try lining you're stomach with something, or you could get stomach ulcers, which are pretty damn painful.
    Pasta, bread, potato and cheese are food that lines you're stomach because they take a long time to digest. Milk is also thought to line the stomach as well.


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Updated: November 26, 2010
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