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I want to make a fashion sketchbook. Any ideas for a title? (:

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    Ok so i do art and d&t but iv never made a fashion textiles sort of sketchbook. I kind of know how but any pointers would be great and if I would like a great theme or title as I am going to make the final thing into a garment?
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    you need to be more specific really...

    what kind of garments are you designing?

    try making a collage of all the things you like and use it as a starting point. then post a pic of the collage so people can help with suggesting a title.

    what u think?
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    that would be too easy.
    i want something uncommon or never done before.
    i don't know what kind of garment - its all open
    i had two ideas 'toys' and '3d' but i'd like somethin else (:
    if u can jus throw any random and never realy done before ideas at me then that would be great.
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    Hey, I know nothing about fashion, but I did watch a designer talking about it on some (TED - ideas worth sharing) web site. He talked about walking down a street and seeing a hole or a mistake in someone's clothing which looked interesting and stopping and seeing if it was meant to be like that. If it wasn't he'd use that as an idea. So what he was getting at was illusions. So perhaps illusion?

    From one of my visits to an open day, the way they did research was to send various professions a disposable camera and got them to take pictures of anything they found interesting.

    A nice challenge is to pick up an object and see what you can do with it. I think one thing I learnt from the TED web site was that a child can pick up a box and they use it for anything! for play, house, rocket, many different uses - it entertains them more than the toy. Just some random ideas !
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    sounds quite interesting but whats TED (:
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    Hey sorry I didn't explain the site, I just found it again! It's this site with loads of speeches and talks really !



    ^ I found these quite inspirational.
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    ooo i watched the one with the forbes guy - he seemed to be saying the same thing as this 3d design guy at chelsea about taking pictures of things you wouldnt normally like patterns and boulders - quite insightful -thanks
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    But if we suggest it then it's not original, at least not to you...

    And surely the best way to approach suggest a project, is to actually do the designing first and come up with the title at the end?
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    nooooooo and also a suggestion is just that
    the whole point of being given one is because it represent different individuals for example someone might say 'blue' and you'l think of the sea but i might think of chewing gum.
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    ummm how about looking at the fashion in the 60s-90s and the angles and how it changed xD you never know you may just get inspration from looking at older stuff :p:


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Updated: December 23, 2009
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