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    Seems fun...

    Year of Entry: 2006
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 4A* 5A 1B
    AS Grades: ABBC
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAB
    Previous Degree (if applicable): N/A
    UKCAT (if applicable): Got in before that was needed!
    BMAT (if applicable): N/A
    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    One week in Neurosurgery, shadowing the Consultant and SHO
    One week in General Surgery, shadowing the HO (aka FY1), clinics, acute cases, surgery, ward rounds
    Three days GP Surgery
    Two days Endocrinology
    Two days A&E
    Volunteered for two years at local District General Hospital once a week on the wards feeding patients
    Two weeks helping care for asthmatic children in a respite home in La Boboule, France
    [Medlink and Medsin, but they don't really count]

    Extra Curricular:
    Grade 8 Pipe Organ
    Assistant Director of Music and Organist at local Parish Church
    Second Dan Black Belt (and Instructor) in Karate and Tae Kwon Do
    Various stuff that seems important when you're at school, like being a Prefect

    Universities applied to and decisions:

    Leeds - AAB
    Leicester - ABB (Insurance)
    Liverpool - AAA
    Manchester - AAB (Firm)
    Oxford - Withdrew

    Year of Entry: 2008
    Deferred?: Nope
    GCSEs: 4A*, 8A
    AS Grades: AAAAAAC (Chem, Phys, Maths, Further Maths, General Studies, English Language, Applied ICT)
    A2 Results: AAAA (Chem, Phys, Maths, General Studies)
    UKCAT: 732.5 average
    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    1 week on a ward, with a few hours in surgery. Was generally just shipped around to whoever wanted me.
    1 week in a chemist
    Extra Curricular: Nothing special
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Newcastle AAA (there now)
    Southampton Rejected
    St. Andrews Rejected after interview
    Leeds Rejected

    my profile is quite different to most of them on here!

    Year of Entry: 2008
    Deferred?: Yep
    GCSEs: 11A
    AS Grades: ABBCC (maths, biology, geography, chemistry, critical thinking) AAABC after resits in the following Jan
    A2 Results: ABB - maths, chemistry and geography
    UKCAT: 635 i think
    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    2 years nursing home, 1 week shadowing an F1, few days with a district nurse
    Extra Curricular: tennis and netball team at school
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Kings, Leeds and Sheffield rejected without interview
    St Georges where I am now, wanted AAB they let me because I went to a below average school...a few people here even got in with BBB!

    Year of Entry: 2009

    Deferred?: No

    GCSEs: 7 x A* Including maths, science and englishes, 3 x A (Graphics and ICT double) 1 x B (French)

    AS Grades: AAAA (Bio, Chem, Physics, Maths)

    A2 Prediction/Results: Predicted AAA (dropped physics) but we'll see...

    UKCAT (if applicable): (680, 450, 710, 760) - Avg. 648

    BMAT (if applicable): (3.5, 4.7, 15) - 23.2

    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 week of shadowing doctors at a local hospital, 2 weeks work experience in an ultrasound (sonography) clinic, 1 week full time work experience in a care home for the elderely.

    Positions of responsibility etc. that were mentioned in the PS: House captain, team member of young enterprise, school mentor, member of student council, member of european comenius project for science.

    Extra Curricular: Mentioned "thriving social life", guitar, cycling for charity, reading everything from new scientist to fiction and my interests in politics and music in PS

    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Oxford (St. Annes): Interviewed and offer of AAA [Firm]
    Nottingham: Interviewed and offer of AAB (B in maths) [Firm]
    Newcastle: Interviewed and offer of AAA
    Hull-York: Withdrawn (I declined when they offered me an interview)

    Hope that helps

    Year of Entry: 2009

    Deferred?: No

    GCSEs: 9A* 2A
    FSMQ: A
    AS Grades: AAAA (Bio, Chem, Geog, Maths)

    A2 Prediction/Results: Predicted AAAA

    UKCAT (if applicable): 720 average.

    BMAT (if applicable): 18 ish

    Work Experience/Volunteering: 2 x 1 week shadowings at different hospitals, Medlink, 3 days GP

    Extra Curricular: Piano, Choir, India Expedition , 3 years tutoring dyslexic boy maths and english, part time job

    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Cambridge (Downing): Interviewed and rejected
    Bristol: Rejected w/o interview
    Edinburgh: Rejected
    Cardiff: Interviewed, offer AABc -- Firmed, though now withdrawn due to personal reasons.

    Year of Entry: 2009

    Deferred?: No

    GCSEs: 3A 4B 4C
    A2 Results: AAAAB (maths, chemistry, biology, further maths, physics)
    ukcat: 580
    BMAT (if applicable): 22
    Work Experience/Volunteering: shadowing in hospital for 2 weeks in denmark, long term volunteering at 2 local hospitals as a ward befriender, speech and language therapy department, 1 summers running football camps for children with learning difficulties, 1 summer at an Age Concern day care center.

    Extra Curricular: Piano, Football, languages

    University: Leicester

    Year of Entry: 2009.
    Deferred?: Nope.
    GCSEs: 8A*, 3A, 1B.
    AS Grades: AAAAA (Maths, Further Maths, Bio, Chem, Phys)
    A2 Prediction/Results: Predicted AAAAA.
    UKCAT (if applicable): 700.
    BMAT (if applicable): 23ish, can't really remember.
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 2 weeks w/ consultant cardiologist + consultant endocrinologist, 2 days w/ consultant haemotologist + in orthopaedic clinic, 3 days GP, 1 year volunteer at local care home.
    Extra Curricular: Grade 8 Violin, Grade 7 Piano, coleader in CLYO, FD Young Enterprise, sports.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Cambridge (G&C): Interview, AAA (Firm)
    Imperial: Interview, AAAC (Insurance)
    Newcastle: Interview, Rejection.
    Edinburgh: Rejection.

    Year of Entry: 2009

    Deferred?: No


    AS Grades: BBBD (aabc after retakes) (Not Disclosed, school policy)

    A2 Prediction: AAB

    UKCAT: 532.5

    BMAT: 16.9 (5.6, 3.8, 7.5)

    Work Experience/Volunteering: 8 Month Hospital Placement, A&E placement, First Aid Qualification (NHS & Arsenal FC)

    Extra Curricular: Really its **** all that would help my application, but i put Theater & UCL Physics Masterclass, Building and Maintaining computers, New Scientist Stuff. (They make me sound like a super geek lol)

    (2010 entry i will include what i actually do = Football, Golf, Arsenal stewarding, HCA with NHS, GCSE and AS/A Level Science Tutor and going to the gym to relax)

    Universities applied to and decisions:
    1. UCL - Rejected w/o interview
    2. BSMS - Rejected w/o interview
    3. Bristol - Rejected w/o interview
    4. Soton - Rejected (Waiting List)

    Year of Entry:2009
    GCSEs:1A* 6.5 A 2 B 1.5 C
    AS Grades: AABCD
    A2 Prediction/Results: ABB
    Previous Degree (if applicable):N/A
    UKCAT (if applicable):610 =[
    BMAT (if applicable):N/A
    Work Experience/Volunteering:1 week cardiac unit at local hospital, one week local gp surgery, 2 months voluntary work at local hospital, first aid qualified, experience applying first aid in real situations.
    Extra Curricular: Martial arts, Gym prefect
    Universities applied to and decisions:

    Kings College London: Rejected w/o interview
    Barts: Rejected w/o interview - UKCAT
    St George's: Rejected w/o interview - Grades
    Peninsula: Rejected w/o interview - grades & ukcat :s

    taking a gap year to reapply 2010

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 7A*s/3A's [Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, English Language, English Literature, German/ French, History, Physics]
    AS Grades: AAAa
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAABa
    UKCAT (if applicable): 585
    BMAT (if applicable): 15.9
    Work Experience/Volunteering: Hospice Work (1 year.. still ongoing), Teaching Hospital (2 weeks), Charity Work (One day a week for a year), Hospital Abroad (1 week), Care Home (1.5 weeks)
    Extra Curricular: Advanced Chemistry Club (releasing a book), School 'Melmoth 1803' Chemistry Award twice, Open University YASS scheme module
    Universities applied to and decisions: UCL (deferred)*, Nottingham, Birmingham, Liverpool

    Offer - AABb
    A - Chemistry and Biology
    B - Maths or Further Maths
    b - General Studies

    *I'm a year younger than everyone else in my year so I had to apply for a deferred entry by their requirements as you have to be 18...

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 5.5 A*s 4 As (Double science, english lit, geography, graphics, RE (1/2), English lang, history, maths, ICT respectively)
    AS Grades: aaaa (Maths, further maths, biology, chemistry)
    A2 Prediction/Results: Predicted AAA (Biology, chemistry, maths)
    UKCAT (if applicable): 665
    BMAT (if applicable): Can't remember exactly. Between 14 and 15 I think.
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 2 weeks part time voluntary in a nursing home, 1.5 years working with severely disabled business owner doing admin work.
    Extra Curricular: Grade 5 drums, Extended Project, OU YASS Scheme
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Cambridge (Caius) - Rejected after interview
    St Andrews - Rejected after interview
    Aberdeen - Rejected after interview
    Nottingham - Rejected without interview

    Year of Entry: 2007
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 6A* 6A 1B
    AS Grades: AAAAAC
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAAAA
    Previous Degree (if applicable): N/A
    UKCAT (if applicable): 725
    BMAT (if applicable): 19.4
    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    2 weeks doing admin work in a GP clinic

    Extra Curricular:
    Grade 8 Violin
    Rugby for school.

    Universities applied to and decisions:

    Cambridge - Rejected.
    UCL - AAB
    Birmingham - AAB
    Manchester - Rejected - only one not to interview me

    Also - got a biochem offer or CCC from bath - without bothering to reply to anything they sent me.

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 4A*7A
    AS Grades: AAAA (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics)
    A2 Prediction/Results: Predicted AAAA, however probably going to get a B in Maths due to my M2 nightmare
    UKCAT (if applicable): 600
    BMAT (if applicable): N/A
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 week shadowing consultant neurologist in a hospotal, 2 days in a GP clinic and volunteered at a charity shop for 6 months.
    Extra Curricular: Duke of Edinburgh Gold, Silver and Bronze, represented Wales in athletics, won national young entrepeneurs award and play football for my local town.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Birmingham - Rejected w/o interview
    Bristol - Rejected w/o interview
    Cardiff - Rejected w/o interview
    Liverpool - Rejected w/o interview

    Taking a gap year and reapplying in 2010

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 9A* 2A
    AS Grades: AAAAA Chemistry:292, Biology:286 Maths:292 Physics:275 (unsure of FM as the AS was not cashed in but the A level was at the end)
    A2 Prediction/Results:AAAAA(Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths, Further Maths)
    Previous Degree (if applicable):na
    UKCAT (if applicable): 670
    BMAT (if applicable): 21.5(6.4, 6.1, 9.0)
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 2 days in Ophthalmology, 1 week in general surgery and 3 days in rotations round various wards. Collect money for St Vincent de Paul
    Extra Curricular: Head Boy, took part in a school team in regional finals of EU debating competition, Pack leader and vice captain for school rugby team, play rugby for club, gaelic football for club, paid work for a full summer doing medical research on a genetic condition for the local university(Queens), part time job as well and play guitar
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Trinity College, Cambridge: AAA offer (Firm)
    Queens, Belfast: AAAa Offer (Insurance)

    Liverpool: Rejection w/o interview (feedback=not enough caring experience)
    Manchester: Rejection w/o interview

    Moral of the story, do more voluntary work!

    Been meaning to do this for a while because i found knowing applicants' profiles quite useful when I was applying last year.

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 10A*s 2As
    AS Grades: AAAAB (Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics and Critical Thinking)
    A2 Prediction/Results: Predicted AAAA (Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics) and acheived AAAA (Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics)
    UKCAT (if applicable): Average 655 (590,770, 580, 680 in Verbal, Numerical, Abstract and Decision Analysis repectively)
    BMAT (if applicable): 15.1 (4.4, 4.7, 6)
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 2 weeks w/ consultant neurologist + consultant neurosurgeon, 2 weeks with a GP, 1 year volunteer at local care home and local primary school. French learning mentor at my school. Charity Work. Random shows done here and there for charity.
    Extra Curricular: Ist XV rugby, Head Prefect, Sixth Form Council, Athletics outside school, percussionist in many orchestras and bands, sports editor for school newsletter.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Imperial College London: Rejection w/o interview (BMAT was too low)
    UCL: Rejection w/o interview (BMAT was too low)
    Kings College London: Interview, Waiting List, Rejection.
    Barts and the London: Interview, Offer (AAAC) - Firm
    Imperial College London (Biochemistry with Management and a Year Abroad/in Industry): Offer (AAB) - Insurance

    Profile of a less-than-average student with a low UKCAT, 4 days of work observation (not experience!) and predicted grades of ABB at the time of applying to study Medicine!

    Year of Entry: applied in 2008 - Starting Sept 2009 at Birmingham University. The offer they gave me was AAB - with the grades in any order in any subject that I've studied at A Level (Maths, Chem, Bio)
    Deferred?: Nope
    GCSEs: 8 A*'s, 1 A, 1 B
    AS Grades (at the time of applying - not including retakes I did in my second year after my UCAS application had been sent): Chemistry (B), Maths (B), Biology (A), Computing (A), Physics (B) <<< as you can see, my grades weren't exactly all A's when I applied
    A2 Prediction/Results: Maths (B), Chemistry (A/B), Biology (A)
    Previous Degree (if applicable): N/A
    UKCAT (if applicable):598.5 or something like that (it was below 600, which is average, i think)
    BMAT (if applicable): N/A
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 school term volunteering at Ashfield School for disabled children, 4 days of work observation at a local hospital (yes!!! u read right! I only had 4 days, but in my personal statement, I talked about what I LEARNT from the experience, instead of what I saw and how long it was).
    Charity Work: I've been actively involved with a small family charity called The Aziz Memorial Trust. At the interview I had with Birmingham uni, they were very interested to hear how I helped to set it up, what inspired me, what I did for fundraising etc. I'd also taken part in a fundraising walk to raise money for terminally ill children.
    Extra Curricular: I'm an online author. I post stories on fictionpress.com and completed a teenage fiction novel, which I've been hoping to get published. Hence, at my interviews, I stressed the literary skills that I may have that other candidates do not posess. Remember... you have to talk about what YOU are good at... what makes you different.

    Universities applied to and decisions: In order of preference when I applied: (for Medicine)
    Leicester University: Rejected... probably due to my low UKCAT result. I had an interview, which I thought went pretty well.
    Birmingham University: Offer: AAB. - Probably because I must have done okay in the interview and they dont take the UKCAT into account
    Nottingham University: Rejected - probably because you have to fill in a questionnaire specifying the length of all the work experiences that you have done!
    Keele University: Offer: AAB - subjects not specified. But I didn't like Keele as it was problem based learning :/

    ADVICE: Don't look at the candidate profiles and look at their grades... normally, the grades don't count as much as the rest of your application does (obviously depending on where u apply). Make sure your application/personal statement is checked over by at least five different people - including teachers, careers advisors, and even the companies where u pay money to get ur statement checked.
    I thought i sucked at interview... which i still feel i do... but having mocks are a big help! Make sure u practice before u go in - and dont get overconfident! With me, i've realised that when I'm nervous, that's when the interviews go really well for me. Freaky, lol.
    And finally... when the first rejection comes... it can be a big blow, but u get over it. Just be practical... and try not to sulk for too long. There's not much u can do about it, frankly. What u shud think of, is what u r going to do next...
    On the other hand, if u get an offer... congrats!!!

    Good luck with your application. I hope my profile helped :yep:

    Year of Entry: 2008
    Deferred?: no
    GCSEs: 12A* 1A (+distinction GNVQ)
    AS Grades: AAAAA (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Further maths)
    A2 Prediction/Results: Predicted AAAAA - Actual AAAAA
    Previous Degree (if applicable): n/a
    UKCAT (if applicable): 770
    BMAT (if applicable): 7.8, 9.0, 7.5 = 24.3
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 7 months is a school for disabled children, 3 hours/week.
    Extra Curricular: Fortnight long neuroscience course once, month in Uganda hiking and doing a community project, played football for a team (informal), hiked loads of other mountains, running (informal).
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Cardiff - rejected post-interview.
    Oxford - Offer AAA
    Nottingham - rejection no interview
    Southampton - rejected no interview.

    NB: BOLD personal statement. First line - admitted that i didn't consider medicine until a month before the deadline. Bad times :o: . I guess its fortunate that my tutor at Oxford doesn't read them.

    Year of Entry: 2007
    Deferred?: no
    AS Grades:AAAB (Biology, chemistry, psychology and history)
    A2 Prediction/Results:AAA
    Previous Degree (if applicable): N/A
    UKCAT (if applicable): 552
    BMAT (if applicable):16.1
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 3 Months psychiatric ward, 1 month general surgery, volunteered at oap home and primary school.
    Extra Curricular: played for football team, prefect, various world expeditions, charity work ect
    Universities applied to and decisions:

    UCL: Offer
    Kings: Rejected
    Barts: Rejected
    BSMS: Waiting list.

    Not the standard applicant in terms of grades overall but had good experience and As grades.........

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 9A* 2A
    AS Grades: aaaaa (bio, chem, spanish, maths, further maths)
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAAA (bio, chem spanish, maths)
    Previous Degree (if applicable): N/A
    UKCAT (if applicable): 647.5
    BMAT (if applicable): 5.3, 3.8, 10.5
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 2 weeks in cardiology ward at northwick park, 1 week at UCLH in gastroenterology ward, countless months working in a pharmacy, 4 years volunteering in St. lukes charity shop, Peer counselling, helping in a school for disabled children for a year
    Extra Curricular: School Charity commitee, science society member, karate, duke of edinburgh bronze silver n gold, young enterprise, first aid, school choirs,
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Barts: AAAC offer :woo:
    UCL: rejected w/o interview
    Imperial: rejected w/o interview
    Kings: rejected post interview after being placed on waiting list

    Well, basically i screwed my application up bigtime by not putting enough effort into BMAT, and somehow deluded myself into thinking that UCL would still take me, thus i didn't put enough effort into kings interview. Then after a long crying session i bounced back, and ended up getting an offer!!!

    Word of wisdom: BMAT is important - and you can NEVER overprepare.
    Even if you have good grades, it doesnt matter - cos most medics will have the same or better! Also - make sure u know all about current issues facing the NHS!
    Oh, and also, there is a common mispreconception (that i held!) that there are bad unis for medicine - all unis are good (remember that all doctors have to be trained to a minimum standard!)

    Good Luck =D (and don't make the same mistakes that i did!!!) :yes:
    good luck =D

    All discussion posts have now been removed from this thread and will go in a new thread: "Medics and Applicants Profiles: Discussion" so that we can keep this thread to just profiles. Any further discussion in this thread will be moved.
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