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A-Level or Access Physics by Distance Learning

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    Are there any providers of A-Level physics, or perhaps an Access course based around physics as I'm a mature student, which can be taken by distance learning?

    I can only locate one which is through ICS, and was just wondering if this is the only option?




    I'm teaching myself A-Level physics, without any additional distance learning support [I only got decent text books, revision guides and past papers]. However, I'm aware of the fact that this particular method is certainly not everyone's cup of tea...lol

    As for access courses...City College Norwich offer access courses, one of which is also the "Access to Natural Science" course. If you took that you should be able to study physics afterwards since obviously physics is a natural science as well.

    I'm sure there're also other colleges offering similar access courses. I only know of this particular one since I actually wanted to take it myself a few years ago.

    Good luck,

    [whoops, just noticed that this is pretty much of an old thread...anyway, even though I suppose this has already got sorted, somebody else might find this useful...]

    Bump. Pembrokeshire College is starting distance learning A-Level courses in September 2010 for Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. They won't tell you the price until you fill in the form... but it is £260, reduced to £239 if you fill in the form and pay before 1st September. Not bad for a course with a tutor, tho u still gotta find yourself an exam centre I suppose.

    The discount form is here

    why not pay a college to sit the exam and self teach?

    lots of past papers, but you'l need to be wise to sort out your own study

    I'm interested in self-teaching physics, but as far as I can tell there are practical exams that you have to do at a college - how do you go about arranging/preparing for those? Or do different exam boards have different requirements for this?

    I'm looking at doing something similar, I plan to start Access next year but would like to get my brain working.I'm thinking of giving self-studying a go, either an A-level or to boost my GCSE's.

    How do these factor in coursework? That was always my weak point as i'd do it last minute if at all but I was good with the actual exams.

    (Original post by wooderson)
    I'm looking at doing something similar, I plan to start Access next year but would like to get my brain working.I'm thinking of giving self-studying a go, either an A-level or to boost my GCSE's.

    How do these factor in coursework? That was always my weak point as i'd do it last minute if at all but I was good with the actual exams.
    well you will have to change that bad habbit because you will suck otherwise

    access courses are commonly lots of coursework

    Hi, am also trying to study physics A level by myself. Though worried about how to achieve the coursework (parts 3 and 6) of the A level. ICS won't tell me how I might achieve this part of the course with them - they say I will have to contact local schools and arrange this myself. Can anyone enrolled on their course tell me how it (ICS or self study) works? It all seems a bit fishy (or else ICS's course advisers haven't a clue...)

    Hello all,

    I studying A-level physics as a distance learner with ICS. My advice is;

    1) avoid ICS, the course is pretty substandard in every way. If you can find another place that does it and their materials look professional, then go with them if you're really unsure about going it alone with the syllabus and text books (which I think in fact is an entirely do-able option).

    2) beware, you'll pay A LOT to do units 3 & 6; I only found two places in the whole of South England that do it, one costs £500 for the exam, £500 for the optional prep session I think (a place in London I can't remember the name of), the other charges £350 each for exam and preparation session, 3A Tutors in Bristol, the one I went with. On the other hand, if you're persistent, you should be able to find a good deal on the the other theory papers - I found a school that's only charged me £12-15 per paper!!

    Good luck all!

    You may ask the distance learning centre, whom I am studying with to do a short course in Physics. I know they do Physics, as it's one of my future modules that I am taking on the course.

    Contact details are below:


    Agreed, avoid ICS, waste of money and time.
    If you go with 3A tutors for Physics practical preparation day beware that you could actually get the same amount of benefit by visiting Youtube by learning how to use certain equipment. The theory is what is mainly needed which you can get anywhere. All you then need is to find somewhere to sit the practical.
    If you are self teaching like me, this site is really handy for AQA AS PHYA1/2:


    Good luck

    Good point about the 3A Tutors prep session for the practical exam vVShabbaVv - I went on the prep day but it was a bit of a waste of time as, as you say, you can learn all about the equipment you might be using from Youtube. I definitely won't be paying £350 again for something I can get off Youtube!

    A word on the practical exam - it seems quite daunting because you feel you don't quite know what you'll have thrown at you but I found it quite straighforward. The paper guides you step by step through the practical exercise you have to do. It's just a case of reading the instructions correctly and doing everything nice and methodically and neatly.



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