Medical School GCSE Requirements

This information has been verified and is correct as of July 2018.
Please always check your eligibility with the medical school before applying.

Medical School Maths English Science Other Requirements
Aberdeen Grade C/4 Grade C/4 Biology & Physics or Dual Award Science recommended 6-9 passes expected, especially in sciences
Aston Grade B/6 Grade B/6 Grade B/6  
Barts (Queen Mary, University of London) Grade B/6 Grade B/6 Grade B/6 AAABBB/777666 in Biology (or Human Biology), Chemistry, English Language, and Mathematics or Statistics). The Science Double Award may substitute all sciences at GCSE
Birmingham Grade B/6 Grade B/6 Grade B/6 An application will receive a score based on academic achievement. It is expected that the scores allocated to different grades will be in the ratio of 4:2:1 (for A*/A/B respectively)
Brighton and Sussex Grade B/6 Grade B/6    
Bristol Grade A/7 Grade C/4    
Cambridge Grade C/4   Grade C Two single awards in Biology and Physics can be substituted for double science
Cardiff Grade B/6 Grade B/6 Grade B/6 Top 9 GCSEs (includes English, Maths and Science) are given a score. Points correspond to grades (3 for an A*, 2 for an A and 1 for a B) and should come to a minimum of 24 to 26 points
Dundee Grade B/6 Grade B/6 Grade B/6  
Edinburgh Grade B/6 Grade B/6 Grade B/6 Double Award combined sciences or equivalent may replace GCSE grades in sciences. Additional Applied Science and Applied Science will not be accepted
Exeter   Grade B/6    
Glasgow   Grade B/6    
Hull York Grade B/6 Grade B/6   8 GCSEs at Grade A*-C or equivalent, or grades 4-9 in the reformed GCSEs
Imperial   Grade B/6 (must be resat if candidates don't have this)    
Keele Grade B/6 Grade B/6 Grade B/6 5 A/7s; Applied Science is not an acceptable GCSE. Please note that Physics - as well as Biology and Chemistry - must have been passed at the required level, either as a stand-alone GCSE or as part of a double/triple-award science
KCL Grade B/6 Grade B/6 Chemistry and Biology  
Lancaster Grade B/6 Grade B/6 Grade B/6 9 subjects: 15 points (A*/A = 2 points, B = 1 point). Grade C must be achieved in all other subjects
Leeds Grade B/6 Grade B/6 Grade B/6 At least 6 GCSEs at grades A*- B
Leicester Grade B/6 Grade B/6 Grade B/6 in two sciences, including Chemistry, or Double Science No minimum of A* grades at GCSE but performance is considered as competition is so intense
Liverpool Grade B/6 Grade B/6 Grade B/6 GCSEs in nine seperate subjects attained by the end of Year 11 and at least a score of 15 points or better (where A*/A=2;B=1) 
Manchester Grade B/6 Grade B/6 Grade C/4 At least seven subjects required at grade C or above and at least five must be at A or A*. These subjects must include Chemistry, Biology and Physics, or Double Science or Core and Additional Science
Newcastle     Grade A/7 in Chemistry or Biology  
Norwich Grade A/7 Grade A/7 Grade A/7 in two Science subjects Minimum of six GCSE passes at grade A/7
Nottingham Grade B/5 Grade B/5 Grade A/7 in Chemistry, Physics and Biology  
Oxford Basic education (at least C/4 at GCSE)   Basic education in Biology and Physics (at least C/4 at GCSE)

No specific GCSE requirements, although higher grades can help to make your application more competitive - successful applicants typically have a high proportion of A and A* grades

Plymouth Grade A-C/7-4 Grade A-C/7-4 Grade A-C/7-4 7 GCSE passes at grades A-C including single and additional science or GCSE Biology and Chemistry
Queen's Grade C/4   Grade C/4 in Physics GCSE performance in the best nine subjects will be scored with 4 points awarded for an A* (grades 8 and 9 on the new 9-1 grading scale) and 3 for an A (grade 7)
Sheffield Grade C/4 Grade C/4 Grade C/4 At least eight GCSE subjects at grades A*-C. Of these, you must have six A/7 grades in GCSE subjects that have been taken in one sitting. The six A/7 grades may include Mathematics, English and the sciences
Southampton   Grade B/6   Six GCSEs at grade A or above, including either Maths, Biology and Chemistry, or Maths, Additional Science and Science
St Andrews Grade B/6 if not offered at A2 or AS Level Grade B/6 if not offered at A2 or AS Level Grade B/6 in Biology if not offered at A2 or AS Level Minimum of five A grades taken in one sitting. Dual award Science is not acceptable instead of GCSE Biology
St George's   Grade B/6   Points assigned for GCSE grades (A* - 58; A - 52; B - 46; C - 40; D - 34; E - 28). Overall, you should have 416 points from the top eight subjects (equivalent to an average of Grade A). Subjects must include English Language, Maths and Dual Award or the three separate sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
UCL Grade B/6 Grade B/6   UCL expects all UK applicants to offer a modern foreign language at Grade C/5 or equivalent. Candidates can be admitted if they do not offer a foreign language GCSE (and their application will not be disadvantaged), but they would be obligated to take a language course during their first year.

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