Medical School GCSE Requirements

This information has been verified and is correct as of August 2013.
Please always check your eligibility with the medical school before applying.

Medical School Maths English Science Other Requirements Aberdeen C C Biology & Physics or Dual Award Science recommended. A and B passes are expected, especially in sciences Barts and The London B B BB AAABBB or above (in any order) to include Biology (or Human Biology), Chemistry, English Language and Mathematics (or Additional Mathematics or Statistics). The Science double award may substitute all sciences at GCSE.. Birmingham A* A* (A* in Eng land or Lit) A*A* Applicants with A* in Maths, English and Sciences are preferred. Integrated Science (double certificate) is acceptable as an alternative to single sciences. Overall GCSE performance will be considered Brighton and Sussex B B More A/A*, the better. However, strong AS grades will compensate for weaker GCSEs.   Bristol A C     Cambridge C CC Successful applicants have normally obtained lots of A*s   Cardiff B B (or Welsh) AA (double)/AAB (singles) Best 9 GCSEs (includes maths and English, no short courses) are given a score out of 27. A*= 3 pts, A = 2 pts, B = 1 pt. Minimum of at least five A*’s is normally required to progress through the admissions process.

Cut-off for 2012 entry was 25 points.Cut-off for 2011 entry was 23 points.

Dundee Good pass in biology required if not offered at A/AS level       Durham C C A in Chem/Bio if not offered at AS/A2   East Anglia  A A AA/AAA Grade A minimum in at least 6 subjects, including Eng, Maths & 2 Sciences. The best 8 GCSE's are considered, including those 4. Edinburgh B B BB Average applicant offers 6A*s, top third have 8-11A*s. Applied Sceince is not accepted. Exeter C C C (bio)/CC (dual science) 7 GCSEs at grade A*-C. Glasgow B A minimum of grade B is required but preference given to students offering grade A in English, Science and Maths.     Hull York A A Accepts English Language at grade B if applicant holds a grade A in GCSE English Literature or a grade B in AS or A2 English Language or English Literature to compensate. Accepts Maths at grade B if applicant holds a grade B in AS or A2 Maths. Six other A*-C grades.   Imperial B B BB Need AAABB (any order) in Biology (or Human Biology), Chemistry, English Language, Maths and Physics. Double award may substitute all sciences at GCSE. Keele B B BB/BBB Broad spectrum of subjects expected with grade A minimum in 4 subjects. This is waived if applicant has achieved A2's already. Kings B B B in English Language and Maths if not offered at AS/A2   Leeds B B BB/BBB Grade B minimum in at least 6 subjects, including Maths, English and Sciences. Leicester C C CC Top 6 GCSE's marked out of 30, A* gives score of 5, A gives score of 4 etc. Liverpool B B BB Grade C minimum in 9 subjects with minimum score of 15 required (A*/A=2, B=1). Manchester B B BB (dual science) or CC (bio,phys) Minimum of 7 C's. Grade A/A* minimum required in 5 subjects (these subjects do not include Applied Business, Applied ICT or short courses) Newcastle Grade A required in bio/chem./dual science if not at A/AS level.       Nottingham B B AA/AAA Minimum of 6 A's, including Sciences. Oxford Grade A minimum in Biology, Physics and Maths where not offered at A-level. GCSEs form a large part in pre-interview selection (with BMAT) and the vast majority of applicants have a majority of A*s, and those without will need a very strong BMAT score to compensate. Three-quarters of applicants have more than 60% of their grades at A*.     Plymouth C C C (bio)/CC (dual science) 7 GCSEs at grade A*-C. Queen's Belfast Best 9 GCSEs (short courses are not used) are assessed with minimum of B and given a score out of 27. A* = 4 pts, A = 3 pts, B = 2 pt, C = 1 pt. UKCAT scores are combined with GCSE scores and thus the GCSE score can have a difference of plus or minus 4 points (where one point is awarded for each section scored above average/one point deducted for each section below average)       Sheffield C C CC/CCC At least 6 GCSEs at grade A required. Southampton A A AA Minimum of 7 A's, including maths, English and double science (or equivalent). St Andrews B B (biology if not at A/AS) If Biology, Mathematics and English are not offered at A2/AS, each must have been passed at min GCSE B . Dual award Science is not acceptable in lieu of GCSE Biology.   St Georges 416 points from top eight GCSEs (avg A), including English Language, Maths and Dual Award Science or single sciences. A* - 58, A - 52, B - 46, C - 40, D - 34, E - 28       UCL B B All UK applicants must offer a modern foreign language at GCSE grade C or equivalent (not Ancient Greek, Biblical Hebrew, or Latin).This requirement does not apply to international students who are already bilingual due to speaking both English and the language of their home country.  


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