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Law degrees are rewarding but also challenging. So, when you're considering law at uni, it helps to hear from the experts. 

In this section of The Student Room, we've worked alongside staff and students from The University of Law to create a knowledge bank on studying law at university.

Alongside tips for undergrad law degree applicants, we have advice for those considering postgrad law, articles on barrister and solicitor opportunities - as well as a look at some subjects connected with law such as criminology and policing.

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Our partnership with The University of Law

The University of Law

The Student Room is proud to work with The University of Law as the official partner of our law hub, where current and future law students can find the advice and guidance they need.

The University of Law welcomes intelligent, ambitious students interested in the world around them; people who question systems, procedures and behaviours, and are not afraid to challenge convention.

Study at The University of Law and you’ll be equipped with the professional knowledge you need to excel in your chosen career, and supported by an award-winning employability service to help you get there.