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Getting your Ucas personal statement right isn't easy, but we've got plenty of support and guidance that can help. 

This article explains how to sort your personal statement fast, while this one (on The Uni Guide) has 10 steps to writing a top personal statement.

Also on The Uni Guide, we look into whether Ucas will scrap personal statements.

Scroll down to find more help, including links to hundreds of real personal statements.

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Read through our collection of hundreds of real personal statements. Use the drop-down list to the left to find the course you're planning to apply for.

Or find your course in our full library of personal statements.

You can also read an article we've worked on with the University of Leicester: how to write a personal statement that universities will love.

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Do you need help with writing a personal statement for a particular course?

On The Uni Guide you'll find articles taking you through the steps to creating a great personal statement - with advice from universities admissions staff.

Click on the links below to follow their advice.

More personal statement advice on The Uni Guide

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Writing a university personal statement is much easier when you're working to a plan. These articles over on The Uni Guide will help you get started. 

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