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So, after all that hard work, you're finally off to university. Suddenly it's all really real - and you might be feeling a whole mix of emotions as you look ahead.

On The Student Room, you'll find articles to help you prepare, as well as discussion forums where other students and freshers are chatting.

Don't forget, there's lots more over on our sister site The Uni Guide, too. 

Getting ready for uni

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There's plenty to get organised, now that you're a university fresher. Get ready for uni life with these advice articles on planning and preparation.

The Student Room's university chat forums

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Thousands of students visit The Student Room's chat forums every day. You'll find answers to all kinds of questions here and, if you like, you can also add your own.

More about freshers life on The Uni Guide

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On our sister site The Uni Guide, we've got lots more articles to help you get ready for uni. All of the following articles are over on The Uni Guide.

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