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Websites you used to go on when you were younger

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    I've had the internet since I was in primary school, and some of the websites I used to, but no longer go on are absolutely horrendous...

    I was obsessed with Neopets, Teenspot, HabboHotel, Myspace, Bubblegum Club, Hi5 and all those websites with these little dolls on them:

    Truly horrendous.

    I also tried to make a couple of websites but they have since closed down.

    One website I have been going on for years, and am still going on is Nukezone, and of course, Hotmail. I also found that I created a TSR account in 2004 which I can't remember the password for.

    So, TSR, which websites did you go on? Do you still go on them?
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    I used to love Habbo Hotel. Even though my internet was really slow and it used to constantly lag and crash, I spent hours and hours on there...

    ...Then I discovered TSR
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    MSN Spaces! Back when they were cool
    I don't really remember any others, when I first got my computer I don't think I realised that there were any websites other than google and MSN.
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    Miniclip in primary school lol
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    I was prime bait for most people, they'd just lead me out into the wilderness and kill me... I always trusted them so much :cry2:
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    And Club Penguin.
    And Habbo Hotel.
    I think I used to go on the Barbie and Polly Pocket websites too.
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    it was an obsession!
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    Kiddonet! I used to be obsessed with a game on there called muppy or something
    And neopets
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    Habbo hotel too.
    The amount of times I got scammed in the casinos :cry:
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    Habbo Hotel - The amount of money I spent buying credit to get furni and HC Club was just stupid lol. :teehee:
    Miniclip and loads of random game sites.
    Gaia online.

    Back back back in the day - Neopets.
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    stick fighting pages
    ... and teen chat rooms rofl
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    Neopets (although i got bored of it quite quickly, and forgot my password... my poor unicorn, all alone and deserted )
    random games sites
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    I find it quite interesting that we were all on the same or similar websites when we were younger. (I'm sure some still go on them now) but is it just because we were young, or because we were manipulated.
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    Neopets! I had some high level ones, was pretty epic hahaha. Habbo, went on that for a bit but wasn't all that into it. Miniclip, used to love the games on that especially the motorbike one. A few Harry Potter ones too.
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    Bebo... I was obsessed - used to spend hours changing my "skin"...
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    anything related to harry potter,prince william ( eeeek),britney spears,backstreet boys,justin timberlake,MIT,bill gates,flash programming since it seemed super cool when I was 12.

    and oh
    ghosts ^^ since I was pretty convinced they exist.
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    I must have been the only person who didn't spend my time on RuneScape.

    I spent it on another online game instead. Woo! (And don't forget miniclip).


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