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I don't get "travelling", doesn't it get boring?

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    Really? I want to travel for most of my life I love travelling, especially the transport - I'm a weirdo when I say that the best part of any trip is the feeling you get when you go to the airport and get on the aeroplane...I think I'd live on an aeroplane if I didn't get earache
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    (Original post by C_B_C)
    It's the other way around for me... I don't understand going to a Spanish village full of drunken Brits just to sun bathe and say that you were there.

    You can't learn anything by doing this. And you can't learn anything by staying in your home-town living as close as possible to Mum and Dad.
    Don't be one of those people that assume your town/county/country is the best just because you were born there.

    Season work (and snowboarding) in Italy, helping out in an Archaeological site in Greece, working on a Yacht all around the mediterranean, doing Woofers work in New Zealand while you look for a more stable job... I can't get enough of it.
    Wow, you must have loads of awesome experiences, you make me want to go travelling. If it's ok to ask, what type of work did you on the Archaeological site in Greece?, I may be going to Egypt this summer to work on one too .
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    Money wise: get a job... save... that's what most people do to go on holiday! If you are frugal with your student loan you could manage a weekend away

    In terms of why people travel... why not? If I met someone who didn't like to travel, I would question them more! Are they scared of something?! Too chicken to step outside their comfort zone? Of course, each to their own, but staying in the UK forever is more 'boring' and at this young point in our life when we have less commitments, it's the perfect time to travel!
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    (Original post by standreams)
    I also wish that more people who take package holidays could realise that actually they can have the same experience for less money without going via a middleman- nothing against the holidays themselves but some people seem to think the only way of travelling is to have somebody organise everything for you- maybe it's a confidence thing? This is changing nowadays though.
    Quite right - for almost £1,000 you can have a week self-catered in Zante and get absolutely bladdered every night, as a lot of my friends do.

    However, for pretty much the same amount of money I've been to China for 2 and a half weeks, and also gone around Eastern Europe for 2 and a half weeks, both on the trains.

    You stay in hostels, meet lots of random people, see plenty of different places and some interesting sights, and you can STILL go out every night - I don't see why more people don't do it!


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Updated: June 14, 2012
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