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The Uni Revision Thread: Summer 2012!

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    What do you guys think of making revision videos? I think they would be a lot of help and if posted on youtube people might be able to give me feedback?

    What do you guys think?
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    (Original post by Jeester)
    What do you guys think of making revision videos? I think they would be a lot of help and if posted on youtube people might be able to give me feedback?

    What do you guys think?
    I think the whole 'teaching is an effective method of learning' is rubbish. I've tried it - I literally taught people from the ground up, but if you don't sit there and go through the material yourself then I think you'll remember and retain far less information.

    You can try it, but I wouldn't recommend using it as your primary revision technique. After exams, yeah sure, but not while you've got a time limit.
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    If anyone wants something to procrastinate watch this, so funny;

    Fairly obvious revision is not going well for me
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    25th - English Language
    27th - Classics
    30th - English Literature

    Have I started revising yet? Have I hell! I had a medical emergency a week ago so I've been taking it easy, then we had Easter ...

    Proper revision starts in earnest tomorrow! :work:
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    So I haven't finished abstract algebra (will probably do it early Saturday morning and after I finish seeing some people) but I have to move on or else I'll be too far behind. Plan to plow through linear methods today, Dynamical systems and calculus in the next couple of days.
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    Need to really focus on advanced linguistics today/tomorrow. Feel like I know nothing! :work:
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    (Original post by Antifazian)

    It's so mean that they give people essays to do so close to exams. The amount of time you actually get between the last lecture and the first exam is already really short at uni. I'm so glad I have all my essay deadlines in term time.
    How about having exams in term time?!

    I've been doing three assignments over the last couple of weeks and revising for a computer test (which didn't go well today as I forgot to tick one damn box...)so haven't started revision yet.

    I still have two more Assignments to do, one will be very awkward to do. Both due May 4th

    But we have three exams, one May 10th, one May 14th, one May 24th.

    Our term doesn't end until May 14th....:rolleyes:
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    Sweet Jesus, I've just seen when my first exam is. The first exam also happens to be the module I feel the least prepared for. It's also 100% exam. Argh!

    I have a long essay to finish by the end of next week ideally, a source commentary for the Monday after that and another essay for sometime in May. I also have a second commentary to do, but it doesn't count towards my grade.

    I am dreading exams.
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    i think i better join this thread. i'm a second year pharmacy student and STILL have not got my timetable which is making me feel very lazy. All i know is that i'll be done by 3rd june. I have practical exams/patient counselling/calculations on the 26th april/3rd may and feel reasonably prepared for that. i have an inclass assessment on may 6th and have done nothing for it. i just cant seem to motivate myself to revise. normally at this time revision has started but i've barely done anything apart from some calculations. i've been ill for the first week of the holidays, 2nd week which is this week has just flown by without me realising so im really hoping that next week is going to be productive.
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    For the rest of tonight

    Working on Calculus II

    10.30 - 11.30 Chapters 5 and 6
    11.30 - 12.15 - Chapter 7
    12.15 - 12.30 Break
    12.30 - 1.30 - Chapter 8
    1.30 - 2.30 - Chapter 9

    Will get home hopefully between 3-4
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    Staring at a massive, black storm cloud just outside my window is definitely not motivating me!
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    Today is 900 words of my law report, and lots and lots of building science revision. love me life.
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    Barley anything but got references for 2 topics for wildlife conservation exam.


    Topics references for:
    * Sea turtles and Tourism
    * Invasive species

    Still need references for:
    * N and Ne
    * Zoos
    * Museums
    * Meta populations/Fragamented habitats/Protection
    * CITES
    * Legislation
    * Cytopresevation of Seeds

    Will get these by end of the day and got to get posters/essay plans/flashcards done this weekend. Next week will be the big start. Cant do much til after my IS/coursework is finished with.
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    Making building science que cards, really wish i had more than 2 weeks to revise for this exam im gonna need a miracle. :/
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    (Original post by thesilvermagnolia)
    Staring at a massive, black storm cloud just outside my window is definitely not motivating me!
    I was completely the same yesterday! I was just looking out of the window and it was so dull i just wanted to get back into bed. I was just getting completely distracted by anything and everything.

    Two exams down and one to go. I am so nearly there! One more week. I feel like i've had no life for the past few weeks as i have done nothing but go to work, come back home from work and spend the rest of the day revising.
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    One of these days I actually will make it to the library for 7am....
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    On about 4 hours. Record considering it's only 12:30.
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    I think I'm in a better position than this time last year but just feel like I have so much to get through...
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    Finally able to join this thread now dissertation is handed in and essays are pretty much done

    I started revision at the weekend and seem to be making decent progress. I have 4 exams, each one is 2 hours (for same merciful reason our department has cut all our exams from 3 to 2 hours, which is going to make a definite difference!).

    My exams: 23rd; 24th; 28th; and 30th May

    I have done the revision notes for the last exam and am currently working on the ones for my 2nd. Three weeks today till they start! Argh!
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    Well this is fantastic I have about 1 week to revise my 2 exams i am praying for miracle!


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