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1 Double 1 Single room available in house 5 minutes from UWE Glenside Campus.

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    I am a second year student studying English and English Language at UWE. I am currently looking for two house mates to fill a double and a single room in a house in 49 Small Lane, 5 minutes walk from Glenside campus.

    It is a 5 bedroom house; my current housemate (studying occupational therapy) and myself are occupying two rooms (our other current house mates' courses have finished) and the third room has been filled by a current tenant that is staying on. The house is amazing, modern and more like a real house than a student house, with an amazing bathroom with stand alone shower and a lovely bath, and a large modern kitchen. The living room has a big television and really nice leather sofas.

    Both rooms are on the second floor, the double is 285 per month excluding bills, and the single is 255 a month excluding bills. This price is extremely cheap - about a hundred pound cheaper than most other student properties nearby. Bills are expected to be cheap also.

    We are looking for fairly laid back fun house mates who are reasonably tidy, if you are interested leave a message on here or give me a text 07964682508.



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Updated: April 18, 2012
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