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Should 13 year old girls be able to get the pill?

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    "Girls as young as 13 should be able to walk into a high-street chemist and get the contraceptive pill if they want it".

    It's a pretty hot topic at the moment, and I was just wondering what everyone's opinions are - will it just make it easier to have sex and therefore encourage sex from such a young age, at an age that for most girls is just after puberty?? Or will it prevent unwanted teen pregnancies??

    Lets start the debate
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    I personally think that its ridiculous! I think it's giving teens the option to have sex early thinking that its all fine because they're on the pill! With it, I think its giving them another excuse to do things which may and will affect other areas of their life, their education, social life and future. Understandably, people will argue that everyone has free will and should be able to do what they please and yes, some girls take the pill at a younger age to cope with issues such as bad acne or especially bad period pains, but 13 is young, too young in my opinion.
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    Why the hell not. It is better than having pergnant 13 year olds who would go on to be Jeremy Kyle fodder
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    yes. let's leave out all the bull**** about what they "should" or "should not" be doing. If 13 year old girls are screwing then the people in charge should just be honest about it and accept the reality, and start dishing out pills. Burying their heads in the sand because they don't like the reality of the situation isn't going to achieve anything (assuming it is a reality).
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    Yeah but don't you think that just puts more pressure on young girls to have sex knowing it's available - they can't really hold on to the fact they are 'too young' as an excuse anymore and would simply feel a lot more peer pressure. So instead of just correcting a problem to stop pregnancies it'll just exacerbate the number having sex! And so would the legal age to have sex be lowered to 13 too?!?!
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    I think that offering them the pill makes it okay to have sex on a regular basis and I don't think it is to be honest. I think if children (and lets face it they are children) are going to have sex then they need to be using contraception that will protect against STDs as well, if your going to offer girls that young anything it should be condoms and they should be offered to boys as well, why should it be down to just the girls to take responsibility?
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    You mean they can get it for free?! It cost like £22!!!
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    Agreed, 13 is way too young to be having sex! Fair enough, hormones and puberty and all that start to bring about attraction to the opposite sex (or same sex, depending!) but in my opinion a 13 year old is not mature enough to deal with the consequences of sex, and are not mature enough to have a sexual relationship with someone, regardless of whether they're using contraception or not. I see the benefit of encouraging the pill, particularly for teens, as it is very likely to reduce teenage pregnancies, but by encouraging the pill, it implies that young people having sex is perfectly acceptable and actually encourages sex which is just wrong. 13 year olds are still children, and should be enjoying childhood, not engaging in a very adult and mature activity!
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    I think it would perhaps "encourage" young teen girls to have sex; they would get the "why not?" attitude. And 13 is SO young! But, I'm about to sort of contradict my argument, and say, if it will stop teen pregnancy, bad mothers who couldn't go into further education, dragged up children ending up in care, then it totally SHOULD be available.
    Can we look at statistics here (I have no idea)? How many 13 year olds are ending up pregnant?
    By the way, I'm not saying in any way every teen mum is a crap mum(:
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    The fact that there is a discussion about 13 year olds getting the pill just shows what a state society is in.
    Sorry, but if you want to have a discussion, then reply please. :rolleyes:
    13 is just to young. If you want to reply and say why not, then do so.
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    I think its digusting that kids - note 'kids' - are having sex at 13. Whats the rush? They should at least wait until 15/16. But then again I do think it should be offered as a 13 year old pregnant girl is no way responsible or mature enough to be a mum, despite how well they rise to the challenge its still way too young.
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    I don't know many 13 year olds who would take the pill correctly, therefore I think everyone should be given condoms.
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    The pill isn't just used as a contraceptive, it can be used for periods, acne etc. My friend has been on it since she was 12, but has never had sex

    Also, choosing the correct contraceptive (apart from condoms) is something that should be discussed with a doctor regardless of age because of various side effects and how it may affect certain people. It should be explained properly, especially to a 13 year old
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    (Original post by Forget that)
    The fact that there is a discussion about 13 year olds getting the pill just shows what a state society is in
    I had to laugh at this... It hurts a little, but it is a good point...
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    (Original post by Forget that)
    The fact that there is a discussion about 13 year olds getting the pill just shows what a state society is in
    teenage pregnancy is far lower now than it once was. The only reason we are having this discussion is because abortion and contraception is more acceptable these days. Stop being so cynical!
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    I would up it to 15 years old but sex should also be legal at 15 (as long as there isn't more than a 3 year age gap between the participants)
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    I can see the benfits in the way of reducing pregnancies but I think that this isn't a medical problem that can be solved- its a social problem, thats what needs to be tackled here. Prevention is better than cure.
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    (Original post by Hopple)
    The 13 year olds should be told that their parents won't be told, but then their parents should be told afterwards.

    That or abolish the underage sex law (can replace with the 'half you age plus seven' though).
    I wish that could happen but I think that would be breaking the law that they have made haha! Surely if they are trying to stop teen pregnancies and encourage safe sex then parents would be useful in speaking to their own kids about these issues. rather than allowing parents to be completely shut out because now you can go get the pill, family planning advice and sti clinics etc completely without your parents knowledge. - the government don't seem to be doing themselves any favours in this respect
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    It would in no way encourage young girls to have sex, you can get condoms for free at pretty much any age and it doesn't encourage underage sex, it takes a lot of guts and courage to go and get the morning after pill, even of someone of age so why would a 13 year old girl have the courage just because she's allowed to?

    And even so, if it did mean that there was going to be underage sex, isn't it enter that there is precautions set out to avoid unwanted pregnancy and that they are being educated on the matter, rather than them having sex unprotected and having an unwanted pregnancy

    Personally, I don't see the negative side to it
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    Yes. It's better than having pregnant 13 year olds. Although of course I don't like the fact that 13 year olds are having sex in the first place, and having sex at that age should be discouraged in schools and by parents.


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