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A Level students- Did you expect the GCSE results you got?

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    I thought they all went really well but I did worse than I thought!
    Ended up with ABBBBBBBCCC + distinction in ICT.
    Was supposed to get A*AAABBBBBBB
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    (Original post by Coke1)
    Any subject you truly thought you bullsed up, and ended up with a high mark?
    Please tell us any stories (might give some of us in year 11 some hope who are feeling low )
    Don't know about giving you hope but I was in the car on the way to get my results, and talking about how I might hopefully end up with straight A*s. Came out of there with 5.5A*s, 5.5As, so.. yeah, I was a bit gutted.
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    Nope. I thought i did worse for subjects like German. :yep:
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    Last June I'd have snubbed by nose up at anything that wasn't an A.
    The night before results? I prayed like nothing else for C's.
    Seriously, you'll be happy with whatever you get at the time, because the night before the worst case scenarios are just pulsing through your head.
    Pass them all and party hardy.
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    [QUOTE=Coke1;37919931]An A on coursework and a C overall? Wow! Are you sure that your coursework wasn't moderated down?[/QUOTE

    Well we got our moderated grades before we did the exam, I must have just done awful in the exam !!
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    Was predicted all As and A*s, didn't revise, came out with (mostly) Bs. The only one that was accurately predicted was English Language; my only A*. I didn't revise for that, either.

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    I was expecting a B in Maths and because I hated the subject so much, I sort of gave up with the revision. It turns out, I ended up with an A! I still believe that it was a fluke and they marked it wrong!

    I ended up with 1 A* 5 As and 6 Bs and expected 3 A* 3 As 4 Bs and 2 Cs. I was 1 mark off an A* in Music and it didn't change when I got it remarked. I was very, very annoyed. I also expected to get an A* in History as I got full marks in my coursework and had been doing well at past papers, however I only ended up with a B. It must have been a horrible exam.
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    I worried about my History exam, since I was just finishing my last conclusion as the time went and had one of those scary invigilators approach me and threaten me about losing my grade altogether =.= It turned out fine in the end and I got my A*.

    Don't worry about your exams, most of the time people get better than they expected!
    If you don't get the exact grade you were hoping for, you still have the opportunity to resit some GCSEs but I'm sure that won't be the case.
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    Thank you for all of the replies.
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    I was predicted 1 a 5 bs 3 c 2 d and 2 e and i ended up with 11a* and 2 a s in french and physics -do not listen to ur teachers and dont worry
    everythings gonnnnnnnnnnnna be alrite oh ye babz
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    I was predicted mostly A*s, came out with AAAABBBBBB.Fair to say I was gutted, although not surprised since I did little work.

    Changed that this year, drastically improved my work ethic and am confident of getting AAAA-AAAB.
    The moral of the story: do the work, kiddos! You'll only live to regret it later if you don't.
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    Read the question people

    I managed to answer on the wrong time period in part of a history exam because I read the start and assumed I knew what I was writing about. I did realise just before we finished and scribbled down everything I knew about the appropriate time and got an a*. I was just a bit surprised
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    I thought I screwed up Physics and Chemistry-but got B's in both

    On the flipside, I revised super hard for History and thought I did quite well-got a D. Turns out when my teacher said I got an A in my coursework, it was actually a C.
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    I am not going to exagerate. I'll give you the full truth

    For GCSE's my maths teacher and biology teacher told me to take the foundation papers as I didnt show the ability to hit a C or above in either of the subject. In year 11, I was so close to switching to foundation, but my mum gave me sooo much support. I came out with an A* for Maths, and a B for biology.

    I was predicted an A for my Drama GCSE and I thought I ****ed up the performance. I also got an A* for that.

    Do your best, and leave the rest in the hands of fate. If you genuinely try, you will be rewarded. But dont kid yourself by telling yourself you've dont sufficient revision when you know in your heart of hearts its not enough.
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    I expected -

    English Language, English Literature, French, Leisure and Tourism (double), Psychology - Bs
    Biology, Music - C
    Welsh Language, Welsh Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Maths - D or below.

    I ended up with -

    English Language - A*
    English Literature - A
    French - A
    Psychology - A
    Leisure and Tourism - AB
    Biology - B
    Chemistry - B
    Welsh Language - B
    Physics - C
    Welsh Literature - C
    Music - C
    Maths - C

    So yeah, I was thrilled
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    Thought I'd completely ballsed up Maths - in the calculator exam I only answered half the paper D: but came out with a B! Which really surprised me!

    And I did minimal revision for GCSEs, but I think I was pretty lucky, and we did a fair amount of preparation in class. I ended up with 7A*s 2As and 2Bs. The key is to do a lot of past papers
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    My final GCSE grades were all equal or a grade higher than my mock grades, so pretty much expected. Apart from Business (I only started revising after I bought the revision guide for it the day before the exam, thought it went terrible but ended up with an A* :mmm:) But a piece of advice: don't attempt that with A Levels....
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    I expected slightly worse than I got. I'd gotten a C in my History mock despite actually revising hard for it and then went on to get an A*. Was in absolute shock when I opened my results. Was expecting a B if I was lucky.

    I expected/hoped for 3A*s 5As 2Bs and instead got 6A*s and 4As Hope that gives you hope. You'll be fine
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    Realistically, I know I'm going to get negged for this, but I knew I had done well enough in everything to get A*/A (except chemistry) because I revised my butt off and felt that nothing went disastrously wrong (except chemistry).
    Here were my expectations before results day:
    Maths: A*
    English Lit: A
    English Lang: A
    Physics: A*
    Chemistry: B
    Biology: A
    German: A (because I really could not tell how well my oral had gone!)
    History: A*
    Art: A
    Classical Civilisation: A*
    So I was realistically expecting 4A*s, 5As and 1B

    What I actually got:
    Maths: A*
    English Lit: A
    English Lang: A*
    Physics: A*
    Chemistry: A* (I can only conclude that everyone did badly as it was a v.hard paper and the grade boundaries were low)
    Biology: A*
    German: A*
    History: A*
    Art: A
    Classical Civilisation: A*
    So I actually got 8A*s and 2As. I had to check the statement sheet several times to believe it!
    Honestly, don't worry too much, you tend to think you did a lot worse than you actually did and your results tend to be a lot better than your estimates. Even so GCSEs aren't massively important, good AS and A-Level predictions, Personal statement, interview and entrance tests make up larger proportions. Chin up, and enjoy your holiday!
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    (Original post by bradfriedal24)
    ended up with 11a* and 2 a s in french and physics -do not listen to ur teachers and dont worry
    everythings gonnnnnnnnnnnna be alrite oh ye babz
    You got an A* in English? Why do I find that hard to believe?:rolleyes:


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