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Do you smoke in your car?

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    I am a smoker and I smoke a lot in my car
    I am a smoker and I smoke occasionally in my car
    I am a smoker, but I never smoke in my car
    I am NOT a smoker

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    I don't have a car these days having been at uni the past 3 years and having a penis means you have to pay through the nose for insurance, but when I did have my car, I did indeed smoke in it.

    I did roll down the window, since I'd tap my cigarette out the window. Though I only smoked in my car because it was a rather crap 1995 Nissan Micra. If it was anything even remotely nice I wouldn't let anyone smoke in it or smoke in it myself.
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    (Original post by ironandwine)
    i smoke, i would if i had a car. a few mates that don't smoke let us provided the windows are down.
    Do you use the car cigarette lighter to light your cigs?
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    windows open and not if going to have non smokers in car in next hour
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    Only if you count tyres and clutches...
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    (Original post by Bellissima)
    no and i don't let anyone smoke in my car!!! it makes cars smell SO BAD!!
    Well the simple solution is to ask them to wind the window down if they smoke, so that the smoke goes outside the car. Also, get a decent air freshener. Problem solved :-)
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    Don't smoke, but let people who do proving they wind the window down.
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    (Original post by Ryan17.)
    Sent by me typing on a keyboard
    Lol, +Rep
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    Me and a mate smoked a cigar in my car once as an end of exam celebration, always wanted to try this thing (was raining outside...) and the car stank for days after! Apparently some people pay to have their cars smell like cigar smoke...

    Besides that, I don't smoke at all. I let a passenger smoke with the window open once, big mistake. It seemed fine at the time, but getting in the car the next day made me realise that it the smell still managed to get into the cabin! Now, there is a no smoking policy in my car.
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    (Original post by Really_Gonna_Rock_)
    Well the simple solution is to ask them to wind the window down if they smoke, so that the smoke goes outside the car. Also, get a decent air freshener. Problem solved :-)
    that doesn't help the smell is still there... the simplest solution is not to let them smoke in my car.


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Updated: July 6, 2012
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