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Choosing college for Maths & Stats...

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    Ok so i've crossed out the uni's that don't offer the course, are too far away from maths department/city centre and so far reading through the alternative prospectus ive crossed out Brasenose as 3 times a week they have formal dinners that are accompanied with gowns and saying latin grace :confused: So the shortlist...

    Christ Church
    Corpus Christi
    St Edmund Hall
    St John's

    From those i've only really been to St Edmund's to visit my brother when he was doing his course. Now i would appreciate some help from you guys to narrow it down a bit. Which colleges out of those are seriously popular because i might aswell cross them off as i'm struggling to think of any other factors in my decision Also i hear that some colleges put more pressure in terms of amount of work given is that true? If so which are these? Also i'm still undecided as to what size college i want to go to, Wadham is the largest at around 450 undergraduates while Mansfield has a meager 200, what are the main differences between large and small colleges? I'm also very sporty and require a football ground and team plus a gym.

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    Even if you could cross off one college by giving a valid reason that would be great help.
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    Ok i've just finished reading the alternative prospectus and Worcester and Trinity take my fancy, do they meet all my requirements? How popular are they?
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    And When it says, 90% have ethernet connections in their rooms, does that mean the 10% have to just make do without?
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    Mate, I don't think anyone cares.
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    oooooo get yoou. I'm just asking for some guidance, I don't mind not getting any but take your pubescent anxiety elsewhere.
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    For the first year and first term of the second year you follow the same course as Maths. All these lectures are in the university museum which is on Parks road. This is about a three minute walk from the maths department. But if you've got a bike it doesn't make a difference.

    If you want to be close to the maths department then Keble and St Johns are your best bet.

    There's not that many differences between a large and small college. They will all provide tutors and accomodation but some offer accomodation for the full length of your course whereas at others you have to live out. In small colleges, you will probably get to know everyone but in larger colleges its impossible to know everyone.

    But your college choice doesn't matter that much. Applicants for maths and stats will always get an interview at another college regardless of how well you did in your first interview.
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    CHeers for that mikey. Just one things, are any colleges alot more popular with applicants?
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    I can't really say which college has more maths applicants.
    If you're good enough then you will get an offer but it might not be at the college of your choice or even one that you interviewed at.
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    Worcester it is. Case closed.
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    Good choice!


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